Dr. Phil Interview With Casey Anthony's Parents: The Most Shameless Ratings Grab of All Time?

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Cindy Anthony telling Dr. Phil McGraw that Casey Anthony had a seizure that may explain covering up 2-year-old Caylee Anathony's death for weeks?

Cindy insisting that Casey participated in a "hot body" contest while her daughter was missing (and presumably dead) strictly to help out a friend?

George Anthony admitting he and Cindy nearly divorced in 2006, after the family learned he had secretly racked up about $30,000 in gambling debts?

The Anthonys never having met Zanny the nanny, having no clue who Caylee's dad is, and suspecting Casey of stealing from them - yet doing nothing?

George claiming "he could never be out celebrating," and making it clear the two are divided over Casey's innocence, yet downplaying his own role?

Dr. Phil self-righteously claiming he would never interview "unconscionable psychopath" Casey Anthony herself, because "her actions said enough"?

McGraw trying to look like he's somehow above the fray by not paying the Anthonys, but rather donating the money to charity - run by the Anthonys?

This may have set the low water mark for TV "journalism."

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How can Amanda Knox's parents and Casey Anthony's parents be compared by Murdered Defender Jose Baez? Did anyone hear Amanda Knox wrongly accuse her father of molesting her? Did she throw her parents under the bus, with no thought of ruining the life of her parents so she could free her own murdering sorry A** ? Get real people. No comparison. Get over yourself Jose, and move on. There are a lot of murderers out there who need you.


Sorry samira but I strongly disagree. I'm just not seeing it- he just isn't the type. I don't think George had anything to do with it nor did he ever have sex with his psychopathic daughter.


The Anthony's are such liars. Whose to say they are not collecting money on these interviews to help out Casey once again. That is what they do.


The reason for the cover up was to make the much needed money that whole family needed. George knew how to work the system. Yes i think her death was an accident but the cover up brought in a lot of money for all involved. How is it that all those people looking for that baby could not find her, but that idiot Roy just wolked right up to her?? that needs looking into.


@Malik You are being insulting with your correcting someone. Are you the self appointed grammar patrol? Accidental drownings or, for that matter, accidental deaths are usually reported. If they were not, how could anyone have been able to compute the statistics you use in your argument? I live in Florida and watched every second of this trial as well as reading all the depositions, not to mention all the pre-trial coverage. Casey Anthony got away with murder. The jurors were idiots and were in a rush to get back to Pinellas County. Beyond a reasonable doubt means there can be some doubt. Or, one might say, is it reasonable that she killed her daughter? Yes, it is reasonable that Casey was responsible for Caylee's death and the state proved that, even turning defense experts into their own!


It might be a good idea for you to read up on a subject you are ranting about as you are incorrect in the things that "were not" involved.
I suppose you remember the Susan Smith story as well.
I think she did kill her daughter, but I am not the only one.
I couldn't bear to watch the useless trial and the interviews which wasted precious airtime.
I just hope Canadian Justice is better than American.


Yeah, DR. PHIL HAS SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET ! What makes him think that he can analyze peoples lives, give advice, & solve problems?
That money that he "DONATED TO THE FUND" which still went to the Anthony's, should have instead went to a similar cause, because the Anthony's are going to use that money for varios reasons, including "FEEDING HIS GAMBLING HABIT," ETC...


I'm sorry but everyone needs to stop being mad. If she did it then she'll pay for it when it comes her time for judgement. if she didn't then who are we to be trash talking her and making her life miserable for no reason. i am in the minority because I don't think that she killed her daughter. I believe that this was an accident and they mad it worse by covering it up because they didn't want to believe it. As for the parents, I believe they had some kind of involvement with the whole thing. Why didn't they notice their granddaughter was gone for 30 days.
And i think the jurors did the best that they could. The prosecution did not prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that she killed her daughter. There was way to much inconsistances in this case. I watched the trial and would have had to vote not guilty too.


Alright Malik, if it was an accident why put the baby in 3 trash bags and a laundry bag and throw her in the woods. Why cover up an accident and put duct tape on the baby's mouth. It all makes no sense to me and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so get over it. Only God is the true judge. I think you are sick and twisted just like the Anthony's. Excuse after excuse, please do us all a favor and shut the hell up!!!!!!


The only way anyone is going to get past this, is, if Casey would take a lie dector test and tell what happened. If she told the whole truth, I know her parents would forgive her and maybe we would too. We the people were very involved in this story , as if it was family . Like the Anthonys we too have no closure,