Dr. Phil on Cindy Anthony: Excuses, Excuses!

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Dr. Phil believes that Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey, is all about making excuses. As we know, Dr. Phil McGraw does not tolerate excuses. It's YOUR fault!

And in advance of his highly anticipated interview with George and Cindy Anthony, the first part of which airs today, Phil spoke on The View about Cindy.

"She seems to make an excuse at every turn," he said, adding that the grandmother of the slain Caylee Anthony is still "very much in denial."

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The TV shrink also said he doesn't believe that George Anthony molested his daughter or that family dysfunction can explain Casey's behavior.

"I think it will change people's view, whether they liked them before or didn't," he said of his no-holds-barred interview down with the Anthonys.

To their credit, in exchange for their first TV interview, the parents of Casey Anthony asked for a donation to the non-profit Caylee's Fund.

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I want to know what happened ! I can't wait for show tomorrow. George Is obviously Afraid of Cindy. Why?


I believe Cindy is in denial. No one wants to believe their child is a killer. I think the worst of Casey. She could rot for all I care. That b***h didn't deserve to be free. But i know she will get hers. We should leave Cindy alone n let her grieve. no one loved that baby like the grandparents. R.I.P. baby caylee.

Naomi blue

Forgot to add. Did not watch the interview today. Will not watch tomorrow either. In addition, because Dr. Phil chose to conduct this farce I will never watch any show on TV with which this "Dr" is affiliated.

Naomi blue

Dr. Phill's big mistake in assessing this interview is that Cindy is "very much in denial." Cindy is not in denial, but she is in outright dishonesty. She is lying and she knows she's lying. And you say it is to the Anthonys' credit that they asked for a donation to the non-profit Caylee's Fund? It is to their credit all right as the donation will end up credited to their personal bank account. As administrators of Caylee's Fund, both Cindy and George will receive salaries since, according to their lawyer, they can no longer work


Casey Anthony and her family are gonna be surrounded all around the face if this Earth by protesters, haters, ghosts and Karma's all coming to haunt Casey Anthony....she'll have nowhere to run.


When I read some of the excuses that Cindy gave, I saw the truth: apples don't fall far from the tree! So her daughter was shown how to lie and get away with it. I have several adult friends who suffer from epilepsy and they do NOT lie. It is a mental condition caused by brain dysfunction but it does not cause lying. I don't understand this family at all. And , yes, it appears loudly to me that George is afraid of Cindy for she comes off as a controller.


There is no excuse for not reporting your child missing for 31 days. I believe she did it, and got away with it! Seizures or no seizure she still did not report the child as missing.


heck.... everybody who testifed in the court including casey and her parents should be taking lie dectestion .... to see who lies most!!! or telling truth most... i am not going to say casey did it or anyone... its the only way to know the truth of this death story!!


unfortunately i was unable to watch the interview today or tomorrow due to work. why does dr. phil have to stick his nose into this tragedy? did he really believe he was going to get honest answers from cindy& george?NOT! as the saying goes " let sleeping dogs lie"


Will never watcn your show again

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