Dr. Phil on Cindy Anthony: Excuses, Excuses!

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Dr. Phil believes that Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey, is all about making excuses. As we know, Dr. Phil McGraw does not tolerate excuses. It's YOUR fault!

And in advance of his highly anticipated interview with George and Cindy Anthony, the first part of which airs today, Phil spoke on The View about Cindy.

"She seems to make an excuse at every turn," he said, adding that the grandmother of the slain Caylee Anthony is still "very much in denial."

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The TV shrink also said he doesn't believe that George Anthony molested his daughter or that family dysfunction can explain Casey's behavior.

"I think it will change people's view, whether they liked them before or didn't," he said of his no-holds-barred interview down with the Anthonys.

To their credit, in exchange for their first TV interview, the parents of Casey Anthony asked for a donation to the non-profit Caylee's Fund.

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Seems like to me the only one making excuses is George Anthony. Cindy is trying to figure out what happened to Caylee that day. It does make sense that Casey has something wrong with her and needs medical help. I am glad that Casey, who was acquitted, has her mothers support. It was an accident and Casey did the wrong thing by hiding her daughter and making it look like a kidnap and murder, but she was scared. She tried to contact Cindy 6 xs that day, but could not reach her. I only wonder who she did finally contact? George? He is a liar and still lying.


Before the trial, I read that Casey wanted to have an abortion but Cindy talked her into keeping the baby. Cindy and George were raising Caylee because Casey did not want her.


There are a lot of people who have seizures but they don't going around murdering their children. Having seizures doesn't mean a person is mentally incompetent. There has to have been something in Casey's life to make her kill her child without remorse. She may have been born with a screw loose but more than likely her behavior is a result of dysfunction for years on end. As to the Anthony's and all the money they're getting, just wait a few years. The IRS will come a -calling if they have not been reporting the income. Remember Mary Kay Latourneau and Villa Filau (the teacher who had 2 kids by her student)? The Filau's were making thousands of dollars from their situation but failed to report the income. When the IRS wanted back taxes, the Filau's tried to sue the school district but lost. The Anthony's will have to face Uncle Sam in a few years. Just wait and see.


I believe that these parents can't come to the realization that their daughter killed Caylee. I also believe that Cindy can't come to grips with the relationship that she has with her daughter which isn't much. Casey has buffaloed those parents for most of her life and is a very sick young women. It is pretty clear I believe that Casey killed her, her actions and stories are not even close to being normal. Casey can lie and change stories like a professional, I believe she has done this all her life or most of it anyway.Thank you Dr. Phil for doing the interview, it is quite interesting. All I can say is it's one of the saddest stories of a family and especially one little innocent girl.


does casy know who the father is and did he have anythin to do with the murder


No one has asked who is Caylee's farther.


THe anthony's need to pray and ask God to forgive them because i think they either was involved in the death of that baby or knew that she was gone who waits that long to report a 2 year old missing come on an hour is too long maybe they all will give deathbed confessions because i don't think they will ever tell the truth they need to pray


Casey killed her daughter by first giving her chloriform, then suffocating her, then put duck tape on her mouth, to keep her from screaming incase she woke up while in the trunk of her car, to be sure no one would hear her.


I think Dr Phil did a great job with the interview. I was angry about him doing the show at first but after watching it, he clearly states that he thinks Casey is guilty. He called Cindy out on all of her crap and excuses. He even said Casey is a sociopath and I agree. I hope that baby killer rots in hell. Dr Phil also stated he will NEVER talk to Casey and has no desire to.


Why so down on the Dr? He's asking the questions we all wish to know! I think the Anthoney's have no other "agenda" but to clear their name...as much as possible! I would hope someone would give me that opportunity if I was accused of the things they were. I would not support any "program" that would cause anyone to financially profit from lil Caylee's death, i.e. A Lifetime movie, and interview in wich anyone was directly paid etc...But the money that Dr. Phil has given is going directly into the Caylee Anthony fund, And those profits are being closely monitored and I believe that. Everyone just needs to get off their high horse and try to put yourself in their shoes for just a min.

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