Dr. Keith Ablow to Parents: Don't Applaud For Chaz Bono!

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Lacey Schwimmer is on his side. So is Elisabetta Canalis.

But there's at least one person who would vote Chaz Bono off Dancing with the Stars right now if he could: Dr. Keith Ablow.

Laughing Chaz

Not everyone finds Chaz Bono's appearance on Dancing with the Stars to be funny.

Referring to Bono's presence on the show as "toxic," the psychiatrist has written an editorial for Fox News which reads:

I advise parents to not allow their children to watch the episodes in which Chaz appears.

The last thing vulnerable children and adolescents need, as they wrestle with the normal process of establishing their identities, is to watch a captive crowd in a studio audience applaud on cue for someone whose search for an identity culminated with the removal of her breasts, the injection of steroids and, perhaps one day soon, the fashioning of a make-shift phallus to replace her vagina.

Chaz Bono should not be applauded for asserting she is a man (and goes about trying to look like one) any more than a woman who believes she will be happier without arms, has them removed and then continues to assert that she was right all along—her self-concept was that of a double amputee. Now, all is well.

Chaz Bono should not be applauded any more than someone who, tragically, believes that his species, rather than gender, is what is amiss and asks a plastic surgeon to build him a tail of flesh harvested from his abdomen. If only a plastic surgeon would acquiesce, all would be well.

In the end, Dr. Ablow believes Chaz should be "empathized with" and treated with "dignity," just not applauded. It's a stance that is sure to create controversy. Where do you stand on it?


Dr. Ablow, How sad... Seriously, the DR. before your name should be removed. Chaz has every right to be on DWTS and to express himself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - but stop HATE.. You are hurting individuals more than a man dancing.


As a Catholic and as a mother, I think what Chaz is doing takes courage. People always fear what they choose not to understand. As for parents not allowing their kids to watch DWTS because it may confuse them is outright ignorant. Children role play and cross dress all the time, its adults that apply rigid gender stereotypes on children. And if anyone wants to use the argument that having surgery is self mutilation, then what is plastic surgery used for then and by who?


Next season DWTS producers, why not have RU PAUL dance? This is a family show. Let's
see all forms of transgender, cross dressing, etc. We must educate young children!


I so agree. This is not about bigotry. It is about dealing with mental health issues, and
children cannot possibly understand the concept of a woman dancing as a man because
the woman is now pronounced to be a man. But she is not. Explain that to a child? Why?


It's "off" Tanika, not "up"............get your nose out of the comic books and get yourself an education......it will benefit you greatly in the long run!

Tanika kiedis

Fuck up @obamaisanidiot


Dr. Ablow hit the nail on the head. Self mutilation such as Chastity Bono has done to herself should be pitied, not applauded.

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