Dr. Conrad Murray to Take the Stand at Trial, Profess Innocence in Death of Michael Jackson

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Dr. Conrad Murray will reportedly take the stand in his own defense in a desperate bid to clear his name at his involuntary manslaughter trial this fall.

He was charged in the 2009 death of his ex-patient, Michael Jackson.

After Murray's defense was dealt a major blow last week - Judge Michael Pastor ruled all references to MJ's personal life were off-limits, and said several other doctors will not be allowed to testify - his legal odds dimmed.

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Murray planned to point the finger at MJ’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, claiming he got the singer hooked on Demerol and other powerful narcotics.

But, just days before the start of the September 8 trial, Pastor ruled that Klein's testimony wasn't relevant, effectively forcing Murray to take the stand.

“Dr. Murray is, naturally, devastated,” his lawyer, Edward Chernoff, told Star in an exclusive interview about not being able to call Dr. Klein as a witness.

“He sees forces aligned against him and does not know why.”

Will testifying on his own behalf make any difference? Can he possibly convince a jury Jackson was a lost cause or killed himself? Time will tell ...


Never the less if michael was an addict or not this dr had a resposibility to protect his patient and he failef. As a dr. you r given the power to say no when asked for something by a patient. This dr also did not have a license to give any type of anistetic to anybody. There for hes guilty. He is guilty for a 30 min delay of calling 911 hes guilty of murder plain and simple mj may you r.i.p and may justice b served one day


Mj was an addict. Dont think dr murdered him. I do think mjs family is in denial about his addiction and just want someone to blame.


conrad should relax he will be found not guilty

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