Dr. Conrad Murray Jury Selection Underway; Everyone Aware of Michael Jackson Case

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Jury selection officially got underway today in Los Angeles for the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician.

Not one person out of 160 was unfamiliar with the case.

"We didn't expect that you've been living under a rock for the last few years, or you'd made a pit stop here from Mars," Judge Michael Pastor quipped.

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Pastor cautioned all the potential panelists that they were going to have to take care to avoid any outside information about the trial - especially online.

So no reading entertainment news sites? We feel so hurt.

They are also not allowed to post any messages on social media, send or read Tweets or Google the case. If they do, they could face jail time or fines.

Pastor told prospective jurors that he has/had the option to have the panel sequestered throughout, but is "reiterating [his] faith" in the jurors by not doing so.

Instead, the jury will be bused to the court from a secret location each morning, and escorted away every night. They won't leave in between.

Outside court, a lone supporter for Murray carried a sign reading: "I support Dr. Conrad Murray, an innocent man who must be exonerated."

Willie L. Hampton said he was a friend of Murray's of three decades, said he shook hands with many Jackson fans and agreed to keep peace.

Murray faces up to four years in prison for allegedly causing the death of his famous patient by overdose on the surgical anesthetic Propofol.

His defense was dealt a blow when Pastor ruled MJ's private life - including testimony from some doctors who treated him - was out of bounds.

The main trial is expected to begin later this month with opening statements. It is speculated that Dr. Murray will testify in his own defense.

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Michael's death - a confusing and chaotic situation - just like his environment


Rip michael... Even though he was great, hes dead and sadly we cant do anything about it.. If dr murray is guilty or not doesnt make a difference.. Michael wont re-born :,(


@ ruthie i agree with you 100%


i want murray in prison for the rest of his life. peace be with you michael jackson.


It finally here 2yrs of waiting for some kind of justice for the best entertainer I will ever experience hearing and seeing him perform. This is not about all the personal stuff of his this is about why a professional doctor would have the nerve to continue giving him or anyone that kind of a drug. Maybe rehab or just say NO like all the ads on T.V. In my heart if the doctor was not greedy Michael may very well still be here on earth with us. It was not his time the doctor choose that for him. R.I.P. Michael


we must persume a person innocent until proven guilty... michael was innocent, remember that.....

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