Dirty Soap Premiere: Taking Reality TV By Storms

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The life and times of seven soap opera stars are chronicled on the latest E! reality show, Dirty Soap. Among them? General Hospital's troubled Kirsten Storms.

Storms' first taste of fame came as Zenon in Disney’s franchise Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. She moves on to 7th Heaven, That’s So Raven and Clubhouse.

She then went on to star as Belle Black on Days of our Lives before assuming the role of Maxie Jones on General Hospital ... and running into some problems.

Here's an E! promo featuring a THG report on Storms' DUI arrest:

On the premiere, Kirsten tried to figure out drama with her family, and why her relationship with BFF and One Life to Live star Farah Fath went so wrong.

Fortunately, her General Hospital co-star Kelly Monaco was there to help her through it. And look through a bunch of Kelly’s creepy fan mail. Woo hoo.

Elsewhere on the Dirty Soap premiere, Brandon Beemer finds Nadia Bjorlin getting her last Days of our Lives script. He teases her less-than-exciting exit.

Farah meets up with Nadia, her Days of our Lives co-star. The friends dish and chat about what crazy things happened with their characters as they shop.

Farah then goes house hunting with John-Paul, who it turns out is not really ready to commit to a life on the West Coast. Farah wants that house. NOW!

Days of our Lives star Galen Gering and wife Jenna read his script, which includes a shower scene with his onscreen love, making Jenna uncomfortable.

As her son sees his dad on TV, the little guy wonders what he’s doing kissing “Ben’s mom,” a.k.a. Galen’s co-star and Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney.

Nadia bids tearful farewells to the Days of Our Lives cast and crew, reflecting that it’s like leaving home, but hey, all good things must come to an end.

Farah attends Nadia’s going away party for Days of Our Lives. Jenna attends with her husband, but feels left out because Galen is the life of the party.

Galen gives a toast to Nadia, as do Farah and Brandon. Nadia is sad, but the moment is bittersweet as she is touched to see so many people who care.

All in all, the premiere was ... interesting. Nothing like a melodramatic reality show about the random young stars of a rapidly declining TV genre.

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i cannot find this show on e!, i used to get it on sunday nights. when i look it up on the web it says it's still running on that station. when? time? thanks i enjoyed seeing nadia,


Miss you so much GH is not the same without you.


I miss u on GH Kristin. I really feel for u with your bro overseas, and everything else going on. I will light a candle foy you my sister. Many blessings during the holiday season


I really like Farrah as an actress. What I don't like is she seeks the advice of her two male friends who are absolutely clueless. As far as JP goes give him a break. It's not enough that his mother is controlling, but you step in as the other mother.I don't care who you are, but noone wants to be talked down to like a child.Just chillax...maybe if you just love him for what he is(you obviously did or you wouldn't be with him)he will have a change of heart and marry you.Best of luck. You're gonna need it.


I do wish to
hug u Kristen Storms




I LOVE Dirty Soap. Kirsten and Kelly are both great.Thank you, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. You are Brilliant to do this show.


I LOVE this show and Kirsten


I love kelly and kirsten.I also suffer from endometriosis.It can make having children difficult, as I know. However after suffering 5 misscarriages I finally gave birth to my miracle, Julianna Grace in 2005. I had been advised to have a hysterectomy, but I chose to keep my "parts". Good luck to you.You are in my prayers.


Farah is just a selfish Bitch. She is proud of what she is and I have tHEo let her have it. She will not find happiness and she is going to have to learn on her own...YOU cannot change a person...her man is what he is. NO changing him. Move on Farah. And, as far as her relationship with Kristn...Hummm, do we really need to know who the bitch is again. Sure, Kristen can be, but SHE has feelings and wears her feelings on her sleeves. Farah however, does not have feelings for anyone but HERSELF. I promise never to watch anything the bitch is ever in again....but will for the others on the show.

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