Demi Lovato Performs, Shows Off Pierced Nose on Dancing With the Stars

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Demi Lovato performed on the Dancing With the Stars results show last night, moving the audience with an emotional rendition of her hit song, "Skyscraper."

Watching Demi sing her heart out, we couldn't help but notice:

  • That she appears to have a pierced nose now.
  • That she has, like, been through a lot.

It was certainly a surprise to see the teen queen rocking the nasal piercing. Wonder how her fan base will respond to it. One thing's for sure: Demi can sing!


i couldn't see the nose stood and has she got a new tatto on her arm?

Team me

Nothing trashy about getting famous by spreading your easy legs and making a sex tape, huh, Christi?
That's just good business. Maybe Obama should try that.
Might get more votes.


I cannot stand the screaching that comes out of her!!!
I had to turn it off
i have np idea who this one is but she is a dime a dozen!
Nothing special or interesting at all like 99% of the rest of them
Hollywood is DEAD for sure


I have completely given up on DWTS. It was bad enough with Cloris Leachman,the astronaut and Florence Henderson, but Chaz Bono makes me want to puke just looking at "It." Adding porkers Nancy Grace and
Ricky Lake is like adding insult to injury. From here on in, It's Monday Night Football for me.


I didn't see a nose ring, but I see she has a new tattoo :))


She is a beautiful and gifted girl, and all you can come up with is that she has her nose pierced. Why not give her some credit for all that she has over come. Way to go Demi!!!


Nothing wrong w/her getting nose pierced, it is not like she is for kim k as role model? Nothing wrong w/that either...she and her sisters are smart business women not trashy by any means.
Only my opinion :)


I didnt see a nose piercing but i LOVE that song. Her voice has gotten so much stonger. I was never a fan when she was on the disney channel(i stopped watching about the time her show started and i'm 22 so i am a bit old for that channel) but i saw her a few times and her voice always seemed to have problems but now i really liker her. She seems to get emotional every time she sings that song


Well she said once that she thought Kim Kardashian was like an older sister for nice role model don't ya think!

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