Dancing With the Stars Results: Did Chaz Bono Survive?

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Every week on the Dancing With the Stars results show, you're going in wondering if one of the week’s lowest scorers will get the boot, or if voters will pull a shocker and eliminate someone you'd never expect - and who didn't deserve it.

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    worst show i,ve seen since the show started


    Thank you to "Baker!" I agree with you whole heartedly. Unfortunately I lost a child also, to an accident in her room many years ago. Although I grew up in an abusive dysfunctional home, at least my parents gave me the gift of not being against any group of people; of which I'm grateful for. I'm glad that GOD made me an open minded person, and for anyone who chooses to criticize what I say, too bad for them; for I care not about your closed minded comments whatever they may be. To block goodness in ones world, because someone is different than you are, or situations aren't totally comfortable compared to what one deals with daily; makes a very limited outlook and life experiences for a person.


    WOW! Really... this country and half of the world is hell bent on being politically correct by airing a show that is pafuckingthedic! people who really are not stars!
    Chaz Bono is not a star, Carson is not a star, and they certainly cant dance!
    This one hour National TV slot has been sold to air what is being portrayed as entertainment so it can shove more crap down more peoples throats!
    Just what direction is our planet heading in? We have humans being trafficked, Children Starving, Americans over eating until they die, Corporate food chains loving it and dancing with the stars decaying our souls!
    My new show is going to be riding with the jockeys..but my contestants will be from the biggest loser!
    I wonder if any of the kids who did not eat yesterday or today care who goes home on the show.


    Well I just seen the results to night. I never thought I see politics in this computation, but it is there. I guess they want a super star on the show to up the ratings.


    God loves the sinner but hates the sin.


    Good luck to everyone & Chaz keep trying your best!! Your dad (Sonny) is your #1 fan !!!!!!!!!


    .Remember GOD loves us all !!!Who are we to judge?


    Ok i try to keep my thoughts to my self because i think people should feel as they do without others bashing them! However how silly do you have to be? I live in a small town and still see same sex couples, and have no problem answering questions that my son ask. Same with the whole thing( not that i see it as anything) with the cast this season! I get how people my not want to be friends with people for whatever reason but what is the point of not watching a show because of a cast members life style? Really i hope my sons are happy with how they are. If they arent i hope they know that Ill love them however they find that happiness. Its funny how we all grow up being told not to hate and yet more adults are so sad in the fact that they are so closed off they hate out of fear!!


    i dont care who goes home


    "I have never missed Dancing with the Stars, however I am not watching this season until Chaz is voted off. Society is a lot more able to accept this kind of thing, but I don't like it shoved down by throat."

    Don't worry about it lkjay, haters aren't wanted or missed and society doesn't want hate shoved down it's throat.

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