Criss Angel: Engaged to Sandra Gonzalez!

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Criss Angel's single status just up and vanished into thin air!

Sorry. That was our lame way of reporting he got engaged.

The Las Vegas illusionist and girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez got engaged in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. "The couple is ecstatic," says Angel's rep.

Criss Angel Shirtless

Criss Angel's engagement is no optical illusion.

Angel, who met Gonzalez four years ago on the set of his A&E series Mindfreak, surprised his bride-to-be with a diamond and platinum ring.

No date has been set for Sandra and Criss, Angel, who is currently performing in Cirque du Soliel’s show BeLIEve, and launched TheMagicPlace (dot) com.


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Look people I was in love with this man! When I was 21" and I doubt sandra is 21! I have seen him go out with fake trash for so long its refreshing to see him with a natural beauty such as sandra. And it will work because hes known her for a long time. Believe me I totally wanted him however I realised he would be smart and marry a real girl! evenually Sandra is perfect for him because she doesnt have some crazy career" that conflicts with his. Am sure she has passions however she seems content with being with Criss and thats just what he needed. Age is just a number and it is very normal to be with and marry someone older then you! :)


There is no ifs or buts about it Sandra is a kid.


I don't even give it until the altar, if so then not far past it. His life is too busy and he's a control freak. one or the other will walk away because she will change with age and he won't like it. i imagine there are serious ups and downs here. I can promise you i wouldn't have had went for a man in his 40's at 17-18 yrs old. for starters, my family would have intervened sooo hard if i had, and secondly i wouldn't have went there bc it would have been too much for me, perhaps even a little creepy.. a little crush is one thing but commitment? nah. It would have felt like dating my dad or one of his friends. obviously now they are old as the hills and i would have been lonely, unfulfilled and stuck in a crappy situation if i had. practicalities! It won't last.


He doesn't know Sandra yet. Sandra doesn't know who the hell she is yet. Correct ... she is still a baby. Clueless to who and what she is yet at the age of 22. I can say without a doubt that this marriage will not last more than 4 years if it makes it to 4.


Ok, if criss is inlove with Sandra so what he loves her. And if some older guy loves u and u love him would u want people posting rude comments? No, now would u! We all know what happened with ex wife JoAnn WinkHart she was selfish so let criss have a normal married relationship! Like guys he is handsome Sandra is beautiful ok so what Sandra is only 22 he is 44 what if u marry someone way older then u someday? Wouldn't u feel bad? Leave them be


She is a baby.


It's a shame that everybody but Criss Angel could see that this marriage will not work out. Give the girl a break she is only 21 years old. She hasn't developed who she is yet besides being Criss Angel's side kick.


I love Criss Angel but I think he is making the biggest mistake of his life being engaged to this kid. She isn't a woman yet. At 21 years old (if she is that she looks 17 years) you don't have a clue what you want out of life. He looks silly with her. He looks like he is dating his daughter.


Ohh would you people let them be? I know she probably is after his money.. I mean come on hes a real good looking guy... But let them be i gues.. we have no say so in the matter.. Theres worse things going on out there.. I wish people would just get out of their busniess i mean these people cant take a crap without it being in the news the next day...... Hopefully he will see what shes after and that he deserves real love and real happiness and a real love that will always support him and his job and always be their through it all no matter what happens... Just leave them alone people.... Let them be "happy" for the time being..


It has been 8 months since he got engaged to this kid. What is he waiting for to finally marry her. Is it possible Criss Angel grow up and finally realized what a CHILD she still is?

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