Criss Angel: Engaged to Sandra Gonzalez!

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Criss Angel's single status just up and vanished into thin air!

Sorry. That was our lame way of reporting he got engaged.

The Las Vegas illusionist and girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez got engaged in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. "The couple is ecstatic," says Angel's rep.

Criss Angel Shirtless

Criss Angel's engagement is no optical illusion.

Angel, who met Gonzalez four years ago on the set of his A&E series Mindfreak, surprised his bride-to-be with a diamond and platinum ring.

No date has been set for Sandra and Criss, Angel, who is currently performing in Cirque du Soliel’s show BeLIEve, and launched TheMagicPlace (dot) com.



Criss and her are so weird


What a shame. I had such high hopes for him and seeing him with a 21 year old makes me wonder why. He is going to be 45 years old. Something is off with him that he is with someone who could very well be his daughter.


I'm 37 years old and wouldn't even have a friend of the same sex hang with me who was only 21 years old. Two different worlds.

@ rabbit

That's awfully closed minded of you, but lucky for those young folks they won't have to put up with it.


It is obvious that Sandra has a Daddy Issue. Alot of young girls do.

@ Dan

Well, maybe if more men weren't shitty people/parents, this wouldn't be such an epidemic problem.


Hey anybody out there know if Criss Angel is still engaged to this funny looking kid? Does she have any other interest in life besides being his tag along girl?


The wedding will take place in 2014. Criss feels Sandra should finish High School first.


Sandra's age is no optical illusion. Hahaha!!


CORRECT he was doing her when she was 17 years old (sick) and he was 40 years old. Where are her parents in this. If my daugher at 17 was with a man of 40 years old I would have him arrested. She might be 21 years old now but except for her FAKE boobs she still looks like a 17 year old kid.


Watch the magicplace episode where he talks about the lambo keys. He confirmed her age practically. She wasnt even born when he graduated hs. Do the math. She can only 21-22 at the most now...started dating her around 17 lol. Douchey i tell ya...


WTF!!!!! She is a kid. What the hell is he thinking????? Bad move Christopher.

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