Criss Angel: Engaged to Sandra Gonzalez!

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Criss Angel's single status just up and vanished into thin air!

Sorry. That was our lame way of reporting he got engaged.

The Las Vegas illusionist and girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez got engaged in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. "The couple is ecstatic," says Angel's rep.

Criss Angel Shirtless

Criss Angel's engagement is no optical illusion.

Angel, who met Gonzalez four years ago on the set of his A&E series Mindfreak, surprised his bride-to-be with a diamond and platinum ring.

No date has been set for Sandra and Criss, Angel, who is currently performing in Cirque du Soliel’s show BeLIEve, and launched TheMagicPlace (dot) com.


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They HAVE been dating on and off for 4 years. I hope it works out for him. If they broke up several times already I hope he doesn't set the date too early. I am a huge fan of his. Tattoos and all. But I don't agree with this. Sorry Criss love you, but she is only 21.


Holy Crap all this time I thought this 21 year old girl was his daughter. What is Criss Angel thinking. There is nothing wrong with a 20 plus year age gap when you are two mature adults but she is only a kid. Sandra doesn't even know who she is yet. In 10 years when she is 31 years old she isn't going to be or want the same thing. This marriage is heading for a failure sadly. I think Criss is afraid of being with a mature adult.


Actually Toni, it says they MET four years ago (as in maybe she started working on his show since that's where she works now). It never says they actually started dating 4 years ago, which would have been impossible since 4 years ago he was dating Holly Madison. Yes I agree she is incredibly young and he is definitely old enough to be her father and it is just gross for me to even think about them dating let alone getting married since there is that big age gap, but you can't just flat out say he's been banging her for 4 years without properly reading the text. Just saying.


She is a child. He was banging the girl since she was 17 years old (gross) now she is old hahaha 21 years old. Father and Daughter thing here.


Ok this is great news but I have one question....He is like 44 years old and is she like 16? She looks super young!! What is her age???


I'm very happy for them !!!!! :-D.