Criss Angel: Engaged to Sandra Gonzalez!

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Criss Angel's single status just up and vanished into thin air!

Sorry. That was our lame way of reporting he got engaged.

The Las Vegas illusionist and girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez got engaged in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. "The couple is ecstatic," says Angel's rep.

Criss Angel Shirtless

Criss Angel's engagement is no optical illusion.

Angel, who met Gonzalez four years ago on the set of his A&E series Mindfreak, surprised his bride-to-be with a diamond and platinum ring.

No date has been set for Sandra and Criss, Angel, who is currently performing in Cirque du Soliel’s show BeLIEve, and launched TheMagicPlace (dot) com.



If I was Sandra I would worry about this relationship. When she was 17 years old he was just getting out of a marriage and Sandra was there to fool around with. Then he dumped her to date that beautiful girl Veronica Grabowski. When that broke off it was back to little Sandra aways around waiting around. Then there was Giselle Diaz and guess what little Sandra was dumped again. When that ended little Sandra was there waiting again. Then there was Holly Madison who was also "the love of Criss life" and after they broke off - guess what he went back to little Sandra. I wonder what is going to happen to little Sandra when a mature adult catches his eye again. I guess little Sandra won't care at that point she will take him for all the money he has and this time dump his ass. That is if she finally wakes up and grows up.


What could a man of 44 years old possible talk about to a 21 year old. I can't see anything they would have in common. She is still a child. I can't see this working.


The thing that weirds me out is that she was 17 and he was 40 when they started dating. I have to give it to her though, I went to almost all of the season 4 filmings and would see her there and she has matured a looks and I'm pretty sure personality as well. Hopefully it works out for them though!


What am I seeing this right? Criss Angel is marrying a KID?

Taylor elizebeth

yaaa me ethier they wont last at all! totally agree haha


ok. i am a huge fan of Criss. it may seem weird that he is 44 and she is 21....but there was a 42 yr old or something tht married a sixteen yr old!! they claimed they were in love!!! why cant Criss be in love!!! if you were in his woudlnt be saying what u are now!! now would you.....He is in love with Sandra...let him be in love...if you fell in love with someone ten years younger than urself and i said thats weird ur using this persona nd blah blah blah....u woudltn liek!!! SO SHUT UP AND LET THE MAN BE IN LOVE WITH HIS GIRL!!!!!!


honeslty im kewl with this guys you should b e happy. love doesnt have an age limit. just because she is 21 doesnt mean they cant get married. there has been mmen in their 50s to get married to women in their 20s before and your freaking over this. he is in love so be happy for him. JERKS!!!!!


to his career.............................. was a nice fame ride


I can't believe she's doing this?
Like being engaged to an older man may be the worst thing she's ever done.
I'm a huge fan of criss angel, but don't you think its awkward?...


REALLY??? You know why older men date GIRLS?? Because they know the GIRL, doesnt have life experiance and will do and beleive every thing they say. Her maturity level can not surpass his, But then again, HE IS A TIPACILE MALE. HE OBVIOUSLY CANT pull his shit on a

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