Chris Brown Takes a Spill, Makes Full Recovery

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Giving the city of Indianapolis something to cheer about amid another Colts loss, Chris Brown went down hard during a rendition of "Beautiful People" Sunday.

Unlike his image, which never fully seemed to recover following the whole incident with Rihanna a few years back, Chris bounced back instantly this time.

It really is pretty impressive how he falls and how quickly he goes right on with it.

Keep grindin' it out, Breezy. Keep your eye out after the three-minute mark ...


Wow chriis brown fell all Ikan say iis wow #saadd case.


Still hating I see, Chris Brown is doing just fine, maybe free britney you're just a bit unhappy that people forgave him and moved on... Also he slipped on the wet stage... the 10,000 plus paying fans didn't seen to mine and yes cheered him on because he's a professional that knew how to keep it moving after the fall. Still making $$$ in 2011, WINNING!!!!


ignorant as always urgh quit writing bias shit about was raining & he slipped not a big seal


His Image id fine "free Britney" His Image is suitable for the direction he is heading! RnB bad boy! not easy but he pulled it off good. Anyone with issues with him at this point just needs a hug. He is happy, & so is his girlfriend, family, friends and fans As for the guys on the other side of the fence seriously hating well, all the best with that=> we hope it amounts to something for you someday


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