Chris Brown HOOKS UP Rolex-Returning Fan

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Chris Brown made good on his promise to reward the fan who returned his $22,000 watch. An Ohio girl named Alisha got the VIP treatment last night!

Team Breezy rolled through the fan's hometown of Cincinnati, where he gave her two great seats to his concert at the city's Riverbend Music Center.

Chris also met with Alisha to thank her, then invited her to hang with him and his entourage before the show and signed a picture for good measure.

Chris Brown Sings

Good thing he didn't lose that gold wrist thingy.

If you missed it, Chris accidentally tossed the diamond-encrusted Rolex into the crowd at the MTV VMAs last month during his ree-diculous performance.

Incredibly, it landed in the lap of an honest person. Alisha ended up with the thing, then amazingly came forward and gave it back to Brown's bouncer.

Good to see her do the right thing, and that Chris treated her to a heckuva time as a result. Keep your eye out and you can see it go flying here:


I think he meant "ree-diculous" as a good thing.


Some of you all are some hater's azz people. The guy re-award a fan for being nice to return his watch back. So tell me, why bring up a award show performance that he did two or three month ago? So what, chris lip sing his performance. He will not be the first singer to do that you know. The website was about him losing his watch and a true fan turn it in. Men, most of you all are some bunch of racist azz people. Im on the website called tmz and they have some cruel hateful people on their site. It is sad that if it was Charlie Sheen, he is going be compare to this great mega star. But naw, when it come down to Chris Brown, he is always going to be no good in nobody eyes. I had enough of all these racist bullshit. Because after the state of Georgia kill a man name Troy Davis, for a crime that never shown any proof are reaction to what they said he did. It made me think how that racism is still around and it never going to change. And i see that right now with our president Obama.


ugly monster


That was the best performance of tonight u guys r soooo prejudice I bet if adam Lamabert did his exact performance u guys wud gave his ass a grammy


The performance was ridiculous because he was lip syncing! Sure his dancing was great but he is supposed to be a SINGER!


omigawd!! the writer of this article has no right to criticize an artist performing for the people
why dont you perform instead of sitting and criticizing u crazye bum
it was NOT a ridiculous performane


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