Cher to Perform on Dancing With the Stars?

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Will Cher perform on Dancing With the Stars this season? That's unclear, but she's made it clear she will be there at least once to support son Chaz Bono.

Sources connected with Cher and Chaz say the criticism over a transgender contestant has given the star even more resolve to stand behind her child.

Cher is not saying which day she'll show, or if she will sing on one of the results show, but has made it clear she will be in the audience "at least once."

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Insiders say Cher's motive is not to drive votes for her son but simply to show support and make a statement against what she considers to be bigotry.

Last week, the proud mom took to Twitter to hit back at those who say Chaz - her only child with Sonny Bono - coming on the show is somehow wrong.

While there have been some harsh critics, Bono has the vocal support of partner Lacey Schwimmer, as well as co-stars Elisabetta Canalis and Kristin Cavallari.

Nice to see Cher showing support in person - would you expect otherwise?

Chaz on DWTS: What's your take?

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I just watched Cher on "DWTS" and she is so real...and sooooo cool. Her singing was great, "Believe" and "Woman's World" and the hits that were played during the show were her best. Cher is back in a big way and we can all just be a little happier for that. In a word, fabulous...


i think it was 1972 when i saw sonny and cher at the mn state fair. that did it for me, i was hooked. ive taken my wife and three kids to about 10 cher concerts starting when each of my kids was about 5 years old. they are all hooked. my tuff motcho son and 2 daughters have every song on their i pods. all of there freinds are hooked as well. the best thing to come from it is, my kids are not homofobic, nor are most of there freinds. that is cool as we live in a very homofobic rural area. i think that concert in 1972 planted a sead that flurishes today. so for chaz, you go dude, this will plant seads that even you cant imagine. seads of open mindedness, tolurance, and individual freedom to be all you can and whoever you are. sonny was the politition, but his family threw their freedom is making this a better world for us all. lets critisise chaz es dancing not his freedom. thanks


Go Chaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To all the bigoted people something my grandma used to say "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at ALL!!!! As a mother I give kudos to Cher she has let the world know how strong a real mother's love is! I never have watched dtts but this year i will to support chaz and his choices; after all we live in a country of freedom.


i want to be "judged". if god will judge us in the afterlife, we may as well get use to it here. people judge, it gives you an insight into their view of you and your actions, and then you work with it. no judgement by others? christ judged the moneychangers at the temple and let them know he was displeased, why wouldn't others do the same?


Good . Hopefully people will learn to become open minded . Judge not and ye shall not be judged ? Shut up , bigoted freaks .


RE: Chaz on DWTS....It is just as much of an abomination as it ever was no matter how much the unregenerate majority condones it.

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