Chaz Bono: A Cool Dude With Two Left Feet

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Cher says her son is courageous. Kristin Cavallari says he's confident.

Chaz Bono will need every ounce of both on Dancing With the Stars.

The controversial transgendered contestant has generated tons of buzz in the weeks leading up to the September 19 premiere, but can he actually dance? Insiders say that, at least thus far, Chaz suffers from a lack of rhythm.

Chaz Rolls Out

Even Cher said she was surprised Chaz is doing DWTS - not because of his gender change, but because he has NO moves. Can he learn fast enough?

Either way, it's always been more about making a statement than the dancing itself, and fan support can carry a contestant at least a few weeks.

On the flip side, DWTS set sources say Chaz is VERY well-liked among the professional dancers and contestants - "a very cool dude," one says.

Indeed, he's handled the scrutiny surrounding his casting well so far. When he bows out - even if it's one week - expect his head to be held high.



Chaz you are amazing, you have the courage of a warrior going into battle- Never mind what the small minds will say, you live by the words of Joan of Arc; "I am not AFRAID.....I was born for this" Years from now you will go down in history as a pioneer for the human rights of Transgender People Worldwide, you will be remembered forever while the haters will be long forgotten. You Sir are a legend in the making!!


You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion eveyrwhree!


Puke! And here I thought some of the hoes I was doing were nasty. Bono looks like she smells like rancid bologna.


cher calls chas "courageous"? i think that should be changed to "pampered". the people in uniform are courageous, not c bono. he looks like a youngster that never grew up.


Oh, well. It's a way to make money.


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