Charlie Sheen Settles with WB for $100 Million

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No wonder Charlie Sheen wanted to make nice with Warner Bros. at the Emmy Awards last night. The actor is about to settle with the company for a mammoth amount of money.

Charlie Sheen and Slash

Charlie Sheen can afford to laugh over his numerous personal problems. Literally!

Sources tell TMZ that Sheen will receive $25 million in two weeks due to work he's already put in on Two and a Half Men and the profit that work has earned.

Moreover, having already filmed 180 episodes of the sitcom, Sheen will end up with about $100 million over the next decade or so because of syndication deals in place. No wonder the guy has thought he's been "winning" this whole time.


2 1/2 should have been changed to Alan, Jake, and a boy-toy. The first show was infantile humor at best.


This is very sad, so it is ok to praise charlie for repeating the same crime over again? Wow! This man is playing joke on everybody lol. These dumd nutts just sign a contract to his death, sad.


Charlie took all of the "ribbing" very well and gave it right back at the end. A great show by all.


2.5 Men was just an introduction to Ashton's character and showed how "Charlie" passed away. I am looking forward to the story line in the show before I give my opinion. Go 2.5 Men.


Yeah, living with himself must be really awful, Jenny!


Dude, you rock! Winning, in a big way. The New Men sucks big time. You carried that show for nine yrs due.


Yeah, but he still has to live with himself. No escaping that.

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