Charlie Sheen Presents at Emmy Awards, Wishes Best to Two and a Half Men

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The Charlie Sheen apology tour took an unexpected stop last night.

Following an interview with Matt Lauer, in which the actor admitted he took his warlocking ways a bit too far this year, the former Two and a Half Men star actually presented the awards for Lead Actor in a Comedy last night.

Before handing the trophy to Jim Parsons, though, Sheen wishes his former castmates well. Was it a sincere gesture? A ratings grab for his roast on Comedy Central tonight? Should the Emmys have even given a stage to this man? Watch and decide for yourself:

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The Emmy Awards are an esasential instrument of the entertainment industry and deserve more appeal and more praise for their services. The fact that Charlie Sheen was hired was a gesture of entertainment excellence on how actors are actors and how they can shine despite controversies. Best Wishes, DINESH R MAKWANA (DREAMWORDS AND INORBITS)


Randal is not very nice to kick someone when they're down!!


He looked great.


atta boy did well.the show will not be the same without u, but i will give ashton the benefit of the doubt. will watch the show tonight and fudge for my self. hope you find your calling. good luck to you. will not watch your ROAST tonight because i do not like people being degrated.


Sheen came off as TOTALLY insincere, plus he looked like s#*t !


This may have been a partial wake-up call for Sheen. He is going to have to work twice as hard to prove himself. Now if he can dump that Brooke .....


Of course they should have, Charlie Sheen = ratings and this ceremony was boring Sheen classy move on stage(sincere or not, hey he is smart he wants to show networks, cable they can trust him and buy his new tv move smart, smart, smart and i am looking forward to watch this new show Anger Management) was one of the few highlights of this sunday night by far !


He really wants his job back, doesn't he?