Casey Anthony Parents: Divided Over Her Guilt

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George and Cindy Anthony are split over the innocence (or lack thereof) of their estranged daughter Casey Anthony, according to Dr. Phil McGraw.

"[George] is very critical," the TV psychologist said, while Cindy makes excuses for her daughter at every opportunity and lives in a state of denial.

Neither of Casey's parents have spoken to the 25-year-old since she was stunningly acquitted of murdering toddler Cayley Anthony back in July.

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In an interview airing today and tomorrow, the Anthonys are speaking out on the death of their granddaughter and the public trial that followed.

Casey's defense lawyers claimed Caylee drowned accidentally and George tried to hide the child's body, having molested Casey as a child no less.

Both deny anything of the sort, but at the same time, Dr. Phil said Cindy and George "have a different view [of whether Casey murdered Caylee]."

"They question themselves every minute of every day," McGraw said. "What did we fail to see here? What could we have done differently?"

He adds that "Their position is up until [Casey's] pregnancy, she was showing reasonably normal behavior and then it began to change."

We'll post video of Dr. Phil's interview with the Anthonys when it becomes available. It's still unclear what their angle is in all of this.

Your take: Casey Anthony is totally ...


Need we remember that the sick s.o.b got aquitted. Means she is not innocent! The jury could not find the "reasonable doubt" the jury did go by what they needed to. everybody is mad at the jury but remember things do get thrown out or not presented. Remember laywers are paid to prove a case. They dont care if they one they are representing was guilty or not its the point that they must win that case to get paid. SHE WAS AQUITTED!! NOT PROVEN INNOCENT!


It doesnt matter that everyone thinks casey anthony is guilty the jury didnt see the proof so for once we should be happy they did what was "right" and found her not guilty because of lack of evidence not guilty because thats what the world thinks is justice for caylee and shes never going to be able to have a normal job so if she makes money of her story thats fine by me id rather see make something off a network then continue to live off of the government for the rest of her life


She is not guilty!!


i think it a bunch of bull that this chick is getting away with murder. if she cared about her daughter she would have called the day her daughter went missing not 30 days later. what about the little girl where is her justice. casey you deserve to rot in hell hopefully one day the truth will come out.


Its pretty damn sad that this woman is geting away with murder. She ought to be locked up for the rest of her life. If she was so damned concerned for the where abouts of her daughter, she wouldn't of had her dumb ass out parting with her friends. Any normal parent would of notified the police right away, that little girl was only 3 years old, where the hell is her justice? What a looser Casey Anthony is. I hope that little girl haunts her for the rest of her selfish life.
Its really to bad that truth serium isn't availible, because then the bitch couldn't get away with lying.

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