Casey Anthony: Despised and Alone!

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Since her release from jail on July 17, Casey Anthony may no longer be living behind bars, but the Floridian remains prisoner to her past misdeeds.

She's so reviled and isolated, sources say she may leave the U.S.

Described by the Department of Corrections as "one of the most hated in America," she's broke, unemployed and estranged from her own family.

The public at large hasn't exactly been welcoming, either.

Casey Anthony Mug Shot

Now hiding in the Sunshine State, where she must serve a year of probation before being completely free, Anthony may leave the U.S. afterward.

A source says that Casey Anthony is already planning to take language classes because "she realizes she may have to live in another country."

Acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, she has received dozens of angry letters and even some overt death threats.

"She would love to go out to meet friends and do public things and just live a normal life," says the source, "but she obviously knows she can’t."

Now seeing a grief counselor and a psychiatrist, Casey has "started to recognize her lies and what they did to people ... she has a lot of regrets."


has anybody noticed that the only ones that think Casey Anthony innocent are pimple faced pubescent boys or girls on girls. the rest of us see past the tits and ass for what she really is GUILTY!

Casey white

she may have been found innocent, however even the jury themselves said they knew she was guilty, but because of the evidence they knew they couldn't. Being found not guilty still does not explain her behavior during the 31 days her daughter was missing, and that reason on its own makes her a horrible person.


to everyone who is trash talking Casey Anthony, Y'all need to fuckin grow up, she was found innocent so obviously there was no evidence that she did anything illegal, thus y'all need to shut your fuckin mouths and fuck off, cause you have no right to say shit about her.


Yo all ya dumb motherfuckers who say she guilty, should get straight jawed.quit pickin on a innocent girl, WHICH HAS BEEN PROVEN SO! now stfu cyber gangsta's


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I can,t believe they found twelve morons to sit on a panel. There was more than enough evidence presented. It didn't take a genus to get it. And how could they not see the stone faced look on Casey's face when her mother had to testify and was doubled over in pain, I thought the poor woman was going to pass out, while that bitch just sat there and stared at her with NO emotion Not guilty... but not innocent


I cannot believe the stupid comments concerning her innocence and the police being so corrupt and on and on. Do you people that write this stuff realize that if the police weren't here that it would be like Iraq, Iran, Mexico where there really isn't any law?? She is guilty, I only hope she gets hers here on Earth like she did her daughter--and I am not even sorry for saying so.


SHES NOT GUILTY?? ARE YOU NUTS? She DID do all those things she was accused of...You don't lie to the police, go partying, look up chloroform, which SHE did and NOT BE GUILTY!!! The jurors wanted absolute proof and tied up with a big bow--also, several knew that they could sell thier story for big bucks which several have. I don;t know why people insist on sticking thier fingers in thier ears and shutting thier eyes to the OBVIOUS. Whatever pain and isolation she is getting is not enough.


Just name Casey Anthony for what she is! NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY means a psychopath/sociopath..


@nelly who says troy davis wasnt innocent. the attitude that they all must be guilty is a very close minded attitude. with regards to the death penalty it is wrong antiquated and barbaric and demeans the great country that the usa is. noone has the right to take another life. life belongs to god and just the fact that the state is so arrogant to think it is above god well therein lies the whole problem.