Casey Anthony: Despised and Alone!

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Since her release from jail on July 17, Casey Anthony may no longer be living behind bars, but the Floridian remains prisoner to her past misdeeds.

She's so reviled and isolated, sources say she may leave the U.S.

Described by the Department of Corrections as "one of the most hated in America," she's broke, unemployed and estranged from her own family.

The public at large hasn't exactly been welcoming, either.

Casey Anthony Mug Shot

Now hiding in the Sunshine State, where she must serve a year of probation before being completely free, Anthony may leave the U.S. afterward.

A source says that Casey Anthony is already planning to take language classes because "she realizes she may have to live in another country."

Acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, she has received dozens of angry letters and even some overt death threats.

"She would love to go out to meet friends and do public things and just live a normal life," says the source, "but she obviously knows she can’t."

Now seeing a grief counselor and a psychiatrist, Casey has "started to recognize her lies and what they did to people ... she has a lot of regrets."


She will be boxin Octo Mom soon, or hangin in a tree....


I hope people do not forget the terrible loss of Caylee's life at the hands of her murdering mother. She will surface someday and no grief counseling in the world can erase the terrible things she has done.


I can't think of any country she could go and hide in. Too many people followed this case. Because SHE lied and said she was kidnapped. So many people saw this beautiful little girl's face on TV and prayed she would be found alive and well. We all heard and seen the evidence and KNOW what really happened. Casey drove around with her dead daughter in her car and then went to her boyfriends house as happy as could be on the same day Jose claimed she drowned. His theory made no sense. The verdict made no sense. Too many people despise this monster for getting away with murder. Someone will find her and possibly someone will make sure Caylee receives justice one day. She would have been much safer in jail. This monster will forever be forced to look over her shoulder where ever she decides to try and hide.


She can run but she cannot hide, She will be hunted and found


Why does a murderer need a grief counselor?????????????????