Casey Anthony: Despised and Alone!

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Since her release from jail on July 17, Casey Anthony may no longer be living behind bars, but the Floridian remains prisoner to her past misdeeds.

She's so reviled and isolated, sources say she may leave the U.S.

Described by the Department of Corrections as "one of the most hated in America," she's broke, unemployed and estranged from her own family.

The public at large hasn't exactly been welcoming, either.

Casey Anthony Mug Shot

Now hiding in the Sunshine State, where she must serve a year of probation before being completely free, Anthony may leave the U.S. afterward.

A source says that Casey Anthony is already planning to take language classes because "she realizes she may have to live in another country."

Acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, she has received dozens of angry letters and even some overt death threats.

"She would love to go out to meet friends and do public things and just live a normal life," says the source, "but she obviously knows she can’t."

Now seeing a grief counselor and a psychiatrist, Casey has "started to recognize her lies and what they did to people ... she has a lot of regrets."


One more thing. Look at her face in the accompanying photo. Eyes devoid of life; the face of death.


Well, the horse-faced baby killer will receive her punishment in time. But, the prosecution failed as well as the jury. Nobody on the jury had any balls to raise the issue that the death may have been accidental though caused by the mother's negligence through deliberate action? 2nd degree they could have found without any trouble. I don't believe there was enough evidence, depite the mother's horrid actions, to get a first degree conviction and that's where the prosecutors failed Caylee and the system. Prosecution should have gone for 2nd degree at least as an option. I don't see enough evidence to convict for first degree, but, 2nd? Without any doubt. It was infanticide along with a cover-up.


Casey anthony will rot in hell-and so will the jury who found her innocent-they can hide too-they knew she was guilty but because of lack of evidence they could not convict her?? Come on how many people have been wrongly convicted and they couldn't convict her??? She is a lying scumbag bitch-and even if it was an accident why would you not admit to it and give her a proper burial-and what accident giving your daughter chlorform-ducktaping her so you can go out and party?? Come on 31 days and all the obvious lies-and those stupid looks on her face in court. Her lawyer will rot in hell too-all he cared about was winning a big case not a little girls Life LOST.CAYLEE will be in heaven forever and her mother will rot in hell


She is guilty, but in saying that, I think she killed her daughter accidentaly - just meant to drug her up a bit. But guilty none the less. So caught up in her cover up lies she spiraled out of control. Tragic story for all involved. I have no no empathy for her.


i thought she was guilty, alot of us did, but its over now. move along to your next obsession!!!


omg seriously I agree.....what a looser if you think Casey would actually call you...I mean you gotta be stupid to put your phone # on the internet...GET A LIFE..............


snuggle282000, WTF... you just posted you actual phone number on the internet thinking she would actually call you??? What an idiot.... your a physco.....


There's many innocent people wrongly imprisoned but there's guilty people who are freed like this conniving piece of shit bitch. Thats y I hate when some girls use the "Well I'm a girl" excuse. NOT ALL ALL GIRLS deserve to be treated like a princess or a lady. If your a sweet girl I agree but if your a girl who is constantly cheating on Boyfriends and lying and pointing at the innocent, use gods name to get away with shit, a sociopath or a physcopath then those type of girls don't need to be treated like a lady. Thats not a girl, thats a piece of shit bitch. In Casey Anthony's case she should be beaten and shot. Killing your own daughter? That stupid cunt bitch should rot in hell. If I was her husband I'd fucking killed that bitch myself.


i feel sorry 4 wutever country she movez 2 an i feel sorry 4 the dum sucker stupid enuff 2 date her sheez a monster an she deserves 2 be dispized 4 all time an whoever she getz with better look out cuz shell kill agen i juz hope she never haz anymore kidz poor cayleez the one i reely feel sorry 4 i wish theyd found her guilty an she deserves 2 be alone 4 the rest of her life Gothicangel

@ Tammie

I feel sorry for your english teacher.


Who ever Casey Anthony dates better becareful, she has tasted blood and will not hesitate to kill again. If she could do her own child, she would not blink an eye to anyone else. This girl has no soul, no prayers will save her she is truly a demon seed.
Pray for her parents and other family members, who are connected for the rest of their lives. May Caylee rest in loving arms in heaven. for she knew none on earth.