Camille and Kelsey Grammer Continue to Suck

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The custody battle between Camille and Kelsey Grammer continues to grow uglier than Snooki after a night at the club.

Here is the latest:

The ex-couple faced off in court today because Kelsey wanted to spend six days with his children in Los Angeles. Camille did not want this to happen because she feared her former husband would not take the kids to their usual activities, such as dancing, sports and, according to TMZ, therapy.

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A family court judge ruled in the actor's favor... but added that he can only be in charge of the children if they DO attend said activities. Kelsey's response? Okay, I'll go... if Camille does not!

Seriously, these people are less mature than their offspring.

Camille, however, is a regular attendee at these events and, sources say, has every intention of keeping her schedule. Stay tuned to see how this gets resolved! If you can stomach it.



I knew Karen...she was my best fnired. I am 55 now and have buried the pain all these years. Karen I miss you everyday. This is the first time I have even looked online and I see pictures of you and I would do anything to trade places with you. You were so full of life. I pray I see you someday in heaven where I am sure you are today....


How in the Hell can she have the nerve to get so upset, when she was Cheating with him when he was Married. And you never see her with their kid's.


Regular attendee? Ask anyone close to the family how many times they've seen Camille at the kids activities before she got divorced! Shes doing this all for show and because her wranglers, I mean lawyers said shed better start showing up!

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