Bristol Palin on Heckler: I Took the High Road!

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Bristol Palin was just asking a question, people.


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    Classy lady. It is apparent from the way she handled this *sshole. Her behavior was controlled and respectful of someone (who in my opinion)does not deserve respect. Bristol's reaction in this humilating event was demonstrative of her upbringing. From my observations..Bristol is a is her mother Sarah.


    Thes palins are a bunch of loser grifters lap dancing the media and their flock for more exposer, to get more money to live a life of luxury.


    Who really cares if she's homophobic or not. It is what it is. I don't understand why all of a sudden it's a crime in the U.S. to disagree with homosexuality. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I want to know whent the "law" went into effect that everyone MUST agree with homosexuality or they will be punished for it? I felt sorry for her, it's not her fault the way her mom is, and she is the way she is because of her upbringing. She was just having a good time and some drunk, 47 year old fool decides to start trouble. That isn't how you treat people. Too much hate in this world. People that let Sarah Palin get under their skin have problems. Worry about your own life for a change.


    Heh. Homophobic. Apparently only they're allowed to hate. Palinphobic.


    Can we quit treating gay people like they're made of porcelain already? All she did was ask him if the reason he hated her mom was because he was homosexual. And he said, Yeah, pretty much. Because a lot of gay people hate Palin. It's not like she said he was going to hell or was a whore and the anti Christ, you know, like he said about her mom. Give me a break.

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