Bristol Palin Harassed By Heckler, Responds With Unnecessary Gay Remark

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Bristol Palin was hounded by a heckler last night in L.A., and while that loser said some truly awful things, her response was interesting in and of itself.

BP was at the Saddle Ranch for a little mechanical bull riding on the Sunset Strip when a heckler came up to her and shouted, "Did you ride Levi like that?"

That was funny. But unfortunately it turned ugly.

With comments like "Your mother is the f*%king devil" and "Your mother's a whore," the heckler stepped way over the line in his Sarah Palin bashing.

Sarah wasn't even married when she nailed Glen Rice, first of all. Get your facts straight. In any case, Bristol was understandably far from pleased.

She should never have to deal with such hatred. Still, her reply was odd, if not overtly homophobic: "Is it because you're a homosexual, that's why you hate her?"

The dude replied, "Pretty much ... and why'd you say I'm a homosexual?" To which Sarah's eldest daughter said, "Because I can tell you are."

Ah, the wit and wisdom of Bristol Palin. At least she didn't take a page from the Rick Perry campaign playbook and blame tornadoes on this guy.

What do you think? Is Bristol Palin homophobic?


I may nt agree wit sarah palin but her daughter doesnt deserve that at all. Noone needs to hear their mother called those kinds of names and if he was so obviously gay then that was probably the only come back she could come up wit. If he doesnt like it then i guess he shouldnt go up to a girl and call her mother a whore! Its nt ok to call him gay but its ok to call a woman figure a whore? No i dnt think so!


The 47-year old male should've kept his mouth shut. Totally uncalled for....what kind of a response did he expect?! What a loser.


I'm not sure what homosexuality has to do with anything that he said, however he was a complete idiot! Good for her for standing up for herself and her mother. It doesn't matter how much you hate someone you should never take it out on their children! Ridiculous!

Danielle lee bree

She is JUST as Hateful & Ignorant as Her Mother. I'm not saying that what the Guy said was right either, but She walks around JUST like Her She's Entitled. There is One difference between that Guy & Bristol. She is in the Public Eye and He is NOT!! She should KNOW better. If She would have ignored Him and walked away, it would have ended. The way I look at it..She wants to make Millions of Dollars off being a Public Figure..or, in Her eyes, a "Star"..She should be held to a "Higher Standard" while IN the Public Eye. My Opinion...


That guy was awful. I'm gay, and I don't blame her for being upset or saying that. Calling her mom a whore and the devil? Waaaaaaay over the line. I am surprised the bar didn't have the bouncers throw his sorry ass out.




Good job Bristol !!! If ppl cant handle what is returned to them when they run their mouths then they need to learn to keep those mouths closed.

Gail wakefield

How can you even begin to compare the garbage and profanity that he said to her with the comment that she said. Really?


this isnt the first time she's said something like this, her sister Willow is even worse. their attitudes towards human race is appauling

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