Bristol Palin Harassed By Heckler, Responds With Unnecessary Gay Remark

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Bristol Palin was hounded by a heckler last night in L.A., and while that loser said some truly awful things, her response was interesting in and of itself.

BP was at the Saddle Ranch for a little mechanical bull riding on the Sunset Strip when a heckler came up to her and shouted, "Did you ride Levi like that?"

That was funny. But unfortunately it turned ugly.

With comments like "Your mother is the f*%king devil" and "Your mother's a whore," the heckler stepped way over the line in his Sarah Palin bashing.

Sarah wasn't even married when she nailed Glen Rice, first of all. Get your facts straight. In any case, Bristol was understandably far from pleased.

She should never have to deal with such hatred. Still, her reply was odd, if not overtly homophobic: "Is it because you're a homosexual, that's why you hate her?"

The dude replied, "Pretty much ... and why'd you say I'm a homosexual?" To which Sarah's eldest daughter said, "Because I can tell you are."

Ah, the wit and wisdom of Bristol Palin. At least she didn't take a page from the Rick Perry campaign playbook and blame tornadoes on this guy.

What do you think? Is Bristol Palin homophobic?

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Have a problem with the Mother- go have enough "Courage" to get it "off your chest" with the person you have a problem with! Only a low life looser would go after a daughter because he has no Guts a COWARD goes after the kid!


Well I to was born and raised in Alaska,and I am VERY well educated.I also support "THE PALIN'S", We need change in the White House and who better then Her. As for the ASS HOLE you verbally attacked Bristol, It just goes to show that some gay people that have come out of the closet truly were not ready. There is and always will be haters,( I my self am not, I have many friends that are gay, I accept there life style as there own.)an for this guy to be calling anyone a whore, you know he'll be the first one up in arms if someone were calling him a "FAGETTE". Bristol, You handled yourself like a LADY, and Your Mother should be Proud of you(not that she's not), I can say the "ASS" would have been on the floor and my mother and I don't speak ad haven't since my 9 yr. old turned 1yr. Just keep your head held high, an walk away from people like him. As far as your mom as long as she is in the eye of the public, there will always be haters. But we LOVE her.


Your reporting of her remarks is inaccurate. She didn't say a slur, she simply asked if he was gay and was that why he didn't like her mother. She calmly tried to find out why he said her mother was evil. No matter...there is no excuse for his vile remarks. Tolerance begins from within...not pointing fingers at others. And bullying is exactly matter your politics.


Bristal Palin is pathetic. She comes from a white trash, red neck, uneducated family from the sticks. I am sure that she has been f'ked by several herds of Moose along with a few of her cousins.
It is sad that she is the byproduct of a homophobic, sad, ugly, dumb mother. She get's knocked up and then preaches to the world to abstain from sex. How twisted is that? Her father is hot and I have heard from several reliant sources that he and Rick Perry are having a hot love affair while Sarah is out promoting her nonsence.


Good for Bristol Palin. Defending her Mother against a disgusting and totally out of line creep.


The guy was way out of line, but if the only reason Bristol asked if he was gay is because he somehow "looked" gay, based on something he was wearing or whatever (or because was behaving badly, as though only homosexuals behave like assholes toward her or her mother--or anyone else, for that matter), she was making a generalization about gay folks that obviously isn't true, and can lead to --or be the result of--bigoted attitudes and beliefs about gay folks. (Now, if he actually was gay, and was advertising the fact--say, with a pride t-shirt, or something--then it was a reasonable question to ask. I've no doubt that there are gay folks who oppose/disagree with/and even mistreat Sarah Palin because of her beliefs about gay folks. That would in no way excuse the foul behavior of anyone who acted this way toward any member of the Palin family, but at least it'd explain why he felt justified in being such a dick toward Bristol.)


she truly is the devil.


What she said is nowhere close to what he says. Sarah Palin the the devil, really? And that gives you the right to harass her children? I am not a SP fan, but she is a human. As is Bristol and the whole family. Bristol acted what I witness to be typical for people in their early 20s. She just said whatever came to mind. I am bisexual myself and will still call people homosexual if I suspect it would bother them. And, I don't think what she said was so wrong. Look at the gay community! Most do not favor Republicans in the first place, and on top of that, Sarah Palin is not very liked anyways. Bristol was right. The guy was gay. (Or he said he was). Is it homophobic if a gay person asks another if he is gay, then says he could just tell he was?


I don't like Sarah Palin at all, but I don't agree with bashing someone's family members because you hate them. Especially at 47 years old! Really dude??? How about you go get your old ass a fucking life, and stop picking on random women out in public. I disagree with making homophobic remarks and I think Bristol could've come up with something a little more PC than that. I mean come on, you mean to tell me she couldn't one other thing about daddy warbucks than that? Anyhow, I believe that he was wrong for talking shit, but she was wrong for using his sexual orientation against him.


Speaking of her homophobic 16 yr. old sister Willow why isn't she going to high school? She moved down to L.A. so why isn't Bristol at home watching the kids and home-schooling Willow?

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