Brenda Song: Not Pregnant?!?

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Is Brenda Song not pregnant after all?!?

The Internet blew up last month when word leaked that this Disney star had been knocked up by Trace Cyrus, but now the young star's mother has come out and said simply: "She's actually not pregnant."

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Mai Song adds that her 23-year old child is "very upset" by the rumor, as are all Brenda's loved ones.

"It’s very upsetting to our family because of what I’m going through and it’s not how we raised her,” her mother said, revealing that she's been undergoing cancer treatment.

We'll update this story as more news breaks. But, for now, allow us to wish Mrs. Song a full recovery.


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i really doubt dat.why she could never do such a thing!


I hope she did not have an abortion. I too was very surprised when I read the news of her pregnancy. From the different comments that follow the news, I can see where almost 95% of the comments were not pleased with her. I am very glad that she is not pregnant. If that is the case. However, she should be more careful with herself, because according to what was said, it seems she is meddling in things that is for married adults. I might be an old fuzzy duzzy, or whatever the term is, but there are certain things I expect from certain people. There are lots of other girls that I could have read that same news about and it would nor phase me. OK Brenda, keep your chin up.




I think Brenda's mom just doesn't want her daughter to look like a slut so shes covering 4 her. She's only being a good mom


@debra martin hey I'm happy being a slut or even a bitch cuz at the end of the day its part of nature. Oh and BTW I can pick on your family cuz I don't know them and judging your character thank heavens. I'm a bitch what's your excuse????


you all need to grow up..


And just so u know miz sway u dont know anything about my families health problems so u better not open ur mouth about anyone n my family again...have a wonderful day!


Miz sway or whatever ur name is...i wasnt being mean i was explaining that it wasnt brenda that had cancer. now dont u feel stupid. and if im a slut well honey it so takes one to know one. byebye


Yeah right what else is her mom supposed to say if she says we are super excited what kinda mom would she look like brenda is 100% pregnant and her mom made the statement about HERSELF to make people feel sorry for her


Seriously @debra martin stop showing ur bitchy attitude and have sum respect. I'm sure if it was ur mother you wouldn't be giving your slutty bitchy comments