Brad Pitt to Jennifer Aniston: I'm Living a LIE!!!

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Moneyball star Brad Pitt may have managed an epic, rare feat. Enraging and humiliating both his ex-wife and his life partner with one series of quotes.

Talking about one's pretend marriage to Jennifer Aniston will do that.

How bad has it gotten? “Brad is in deep trouble with both Jen and Angelina” an insider tells OK! in this week’s issue, for what it's worth (very, very little).

Brad Pitt: Living a LIE!

At issue is Brad's interview with Parade, which he began with self-deprecation. Talking about himself 10-12 years ago, he called himself a “pathetic” slacker, “sitting on a couch, holding a joint…. I wasn’t living an interesting life.”

All well and good. Until ...

“I think that my marriage [to Jennifer] had something to do with it," he added. "I was trying to pretend the marriage was something it wasn’t.”

Jen, who famously said Brad was missing “a sensitivity chip,” may have been proven right here, despite Brad's attempts to clarify the comment.

No matter the context, it can't feel too good to hear Brad brand her a mind-numbing bore and imply that his whole life with her was a lie.

Was it really mere thoughtlessness? Some insiders believe otherwise, that it’s killing Brad Pitt to see Jen and Justin Theroux so in love.

“Brad’s got a real competitive, vicious streak, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s jealous,” a Jen pal, who is totes a real person, says.

“Justin is everything Brad couldn’t be. He adores Jen; Jen is deeply in love with Justin. And she’d fallen in and out of love with Brad."

“Truth be told, they were both bored. Jen saw Brad as a dull stoner. But Justin is a poet and an author and well-educated and amazing.”

So, there you go. Eat it, Brad ... that anonymous source told you!


Brad Pitt is a wuss to let c u n t lips Angelina ruin his marriage to Jennifer. She is better off being single. Brad AND Angelina are both jealous of her. Jenn has everything going for her, but it does seem that she has been looking for someone who would have her. I just hope this dude doesn't take advantage of her because she is rich. Lots of scumbags out there. Men promise you the world and treat you like a queen when they're wooing your affection. I was married to a "Brad" type person. He was happy until some adulterous w-h-o-r-e came along. Turns out my spouse was one too, so I can relate. It was my 2nd marriage, It was his 3rd. I should have known better! Its been nice not having a ball & chain. It's better to remain single.


Mr. Pitt, Your comment in Parade Magazine was so lame. You forgot that at the end of the day you and Ms. Jolie committed adultery and cheated on your wife. If you were so bored at that time, as a man you could have done more in the marriage than complaining about it. It's good you didn't have any kids with Jennifer - or else that poor child will have a very low self-esteem like Miss Jolie.


Brad syas the best thing he could do as a father was to find a good mother for his children. Guess he screwed up being a father! Who would pick a drug using, blood wearing, admitted on public tv she just blew Billy Bob on the way to the awards show? Brad may look good (not as good as he used to though) but he doesn't have a lot going on between his ears! BTW-the kids are Angelina's tools to repair her public image. She knows she's a superwierdo and all that public goodworks crap is to try to divert everyone's attention away from who she really is. I know Brad hurt Jennifer but she is sooooo much better off without him than she ever would have been with him that it is probably a good thing.


I like Brad Pitt and have never heard that he is mean spirited or a negative person.
He made one remark in 6 years about being in a marriage that was not right. What is wrong with
that? He did not berate Jen Anniston at all. Why does everyone jump all over him. I am sure
the problems weren't totally one sided.


Puleeze, Brad and Angie (who is in dire need of a cheeseburger) are always saying insensitive stuff about Jen. Which just proves that Jen has more class than they have kids! If pretty boy has to talk about her all the time, maybe he's not so over her yet... Just go on looking pretty Brad and don't open your mouth so much cuz only dopey stuff comes out of it.


Brad you need to quit going on about Jennifer! Get over it already and be happy where you are. As a very wise person once said, you made your bed now lay in it! Enough already with the Brad and Angelina and Jennifer and her new man. Get on with your life. We all thought you were happy with Angelina so why the snooty remarks now about Jenn?? Is she not allowed to be happy?? Leave her alone!! I'm so sick of hearing comments relating Brad and Jennifer. She seems happy and that's all that matters. And you are supposedly happy with your family as well so why the smart remarks? Be they good or bad unless you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all!!!!


Why did he have to do this, now? It's been how many years since he left Jennifer; why does he think it's necessary to humiliate her still again, after all this time? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie put Jennifer Aniston through enough public humiliation; she should just be left alone to live a happier life, now! She has gotten over it, she moved on with as much dignity as she could; Pitt needs to take a lesson in privacy.


Once a jerk always a jerk! Leaving your wife for another woman is not exactly a noble act but obviously for brad pitt it's something to be proud of. Having a "home wrecker" for a partner is indeed setting a good example for six kids. Some values you got!!! No wonder you movies always at the bottom of the pit...Talk about karma!


Brad Pitt made the statement, I'm glad as a Father, I found a Good mother for my kids. He was looking for one?or he had kids before he met the Kids RS, lets go Shop for some, Lips. So Jen wasn't good enough for that either? She didn't have any with you,to busy getting you to look Washed.


Hey, you know why the grass is always greener next door? Because of all the bullshit and manure they spread on it. I stopped my subscription to a Canadian magazine because all they kept putting on there cover was Bragelina and there perfect life. Well we know about her drug use, now Brads fessing up to his, just give it a bit more time and watch there shit fly.

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