Brad Pitt to Jennifer Aniston: I'm Living a LIE!!!

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Moneyball star Brad Pitt may have managed an epic, rare feat. Enraging and humiliating both his ex-wife and his life partner with one series of quotes.

Talking about one's pretend marriage to Jennifer Aniston will do that.

How bad has it gotten? “Brad is in deep trouble with both Jen and Angelina” an insider tells OK! in this week’s issue, for what it's worth (very, very little).

Brad Pitt: Living a LIE!

At issue is Brad's interview with Parade, which he began with self-deprecation. Talking about himself 10-12 years ago, he called himself a “pathetic” slacker, “sitting on a couch, holding a joint…. I wasn’t living an interesting life.”

All well and good. Until ...

“I think that my marriage [to Jennifer] had something to do with it," he added. "I was trying to pretend the marriage was something it wasn’t.”

Jen, who famously said Brad was missing “a sensitivity chip,” may have been proven right here, despite Brad's attempts to clarify the comment.

No matter the context, it can't feel too good to hear Brad brand her a mind-numbing bore and imply that his whole life with her was a lie.

Was it really mere thoughtlessness? Some insiders believe otherwise, that it’s killing Brad Pitt to see Jen and Justin Theroux so in love.

“Brad’s got a real competitive, vicious streak, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s jealous,” a Jen pal, who is totes a real person, says.

“Justin is everything Brad couldn’t be. He adores Jen; Jen is deeply in love with Justin. And she’d fallen in and out of love with Brad."

“Truth be told, they were both bored. Jen saw Brad as a dull stoner. But Justin is a poet and an author and well-educated and amazing.”

So, there you go. Eat it, Brad ... that anonymous source told you!


i think angelina is nothing but a good time girl, all she ever wants is someone else"s man cause she cannot get one of her own, i wonder how many she has had under the cover since she stole her current "man" and as far as he is concerned, he lost all his good looks, and talent, when he gave up jen, she is a lady and that other witch could never match her class no matter how long she tries. bad choices brad! hope you will be very very happy jen, you deserve it


So, Brad is not so cool and intelligent as we thought he was. Big mouthe-ed...

Avatar you can turn Angie doing good into her trying to repair her image only shows how simple and mean spirited you really are. People change, grow and move away from past mistakes they have made.


I agree with kallie he said he picked the best mom for his kids then you look back to her back round and its really not funny but you have to laugh if that's the best in his mind I de hate to know who he thinks the worst mom


Why do the magazine keep beating this dead idea. It's been years, many years since they ended, why don't you end the coverage of it. Isn't there enough mindless news out there for you to cover. It amazes me that there are people who won't let this go....and magazines that still feed it.


what makes any of you think you know these people?
what makes you think OK or any other tabloid knows
anything? they are all guessing to sell magazines.


Brad and Angelina are doing well. A beautiful, thoughtful and loving couple. And I admire the interest they take in children. Leave them alone. The above is all gossip anyway. Magzie


Well, Bangelina are sooo yesterday, but Jen is still hot and that is killing them.
Angie is nothing but a hotel bed, and " the stoner" finds it interesting.
She could not have Johny Depp, even though she played all her tricks.. What's wrong pretty boy? Cannot satisfy your bitch?


Seriously, you are all lying to yourself if you think Jennifer is anything but boring. Brad and Jen's marriage has to have been the worst mismatched publicity stunt in Hollywood history! If any of you knew anything about the type of woman Brad chose to date before Jen "Rachel" Aniston, you'd realize that he probably needed more than just a couple of joints. There is nothing remotely interesting about that woman. She appeals to the masses in the same way Sarah Palin does. She gives hope to those who lack in substance,intellect and creativity. There's no mystery, no figure, no talent, no physical attractiveness and no intelligence in that woman that sets her apart from anyone else. If it weren't for Brad she would be nobody special.


Brad & Ang are miserable. They are both jealous of Jennifer. And both sue drugs. Once Jenn ties the knot, Brad & Ang will split up. Its inevitable. He has sure turned grey since he hooked up with that female dog. They deserve each other. Angie's looks are already fading and she's looking more & more like her father! Ew! That what brad will wake up to every morning, eventually. Angie's face looking like her dad. Gross.

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