Brad Pitt on Jennifer Aniston Comment: Pure Spin!

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Brad Pitt is in full-fledged movie promotion mode, but still finds himself fielding questions about his personal life - specifically select comments he made last week regarding his pretend marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

"That was never my intention for it to be spun that way," he said of those who interpreted his remarks that way, insisting it wasn't what he meant.

"People read things into it that just weren't there."

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Saying he once used film to fill a void in his life, Pitt told Parade last week:

"It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn't living an interesting life myself."

"I think that my marriage had something to do with it," he says, noting that he was "trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn't."

While we certainly don't think Brad meant to overtly slam Jen, it's also easy to understand how someone could interpret it as such. Tough one.

However he may have meant it, there's no arguing that critics and fans are eagerly anticipating his new film Moneyball, opening this weekend.



Brad thinks that he is Mr.perfect but he is far from it!He is with the weidest person on earth!He cheated on Jen and that is the lowest that a person can do!That so called woman that he is with is nothing but a homewrecker!They have so many kids and Ifeel sorry for them.Are the parents going to teach them to be homewreckers to!Brad is not the most popular actor anymore!Leave JenALONE YOU HAVE HURT HER ENOUGH!


the way brad pitt divorced her was brutal. almost like he was trying to humiliate her and shes managed to keep her head up through it all and now 5 or so yrs later hes still dogging her! i mean get real have the proud honor of having kids with the biggest home wrecking slut in hollywood. u 2 totally deserve each other


Brad pitt Is a Jerk.He is also a push over for Angelina jolie. He intentionally tried to hurt Jennifer Aniston.We all know that angelina put him up to it, but it backed fired on them.We all need to send a message to Brangelina that this kind of bashing of wives,exes,women and men will not be tolerated through boycotting his is so obvious that some body is jealous of something or someone or is this a case of vendictivness on Brangelina's part.


It's been 6 years since the divorce. Get over it people


Remember when "Angie" was interviewed by Matt Lauer on Today and she said,"It's nice our kids can see the movie where their parents fell in love" meaning 'Mr and Mrs Smith' Prior to that Brad and Angie ademately denied an affair during filming then Angie blurts this admittion out on television! Brad's recent comments weren't "Spun to sound a certain way" Brad was very clear in his comments regarding his previous "Uninteresting life" and "I think it was in part my marriage" Wow! If you can't be honorable Brad at least be accountable.


wow, so many psycho women on this site who think they know EVERYTHING about Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer, in spite of having never even met any of them. Just basing their impressions on their tv/movie CHARACTERS and whatever nonsense theyve read about them on gossip sites. Psycho!!!!!


some peoples are such crule i just read some comment there are such rude i know they are celebrity but you still dont have to judged their personal life. i think some peoples have personal issu like jen that why they are angry with angelina that not her fult i think it their karma i do sorry for jen how did brad leve her it was long time ago . i read one lady comment that comment are such mum said women is enemy of women i thought women support each other but they are not. why should
Brad starts jealous of Jen new boy friend it kind of funny to hear he getting old now i dont think he do such thing like that brad have beauitful six kids and awesome girlfriend ..why the hell he would be jealous with jen bf ? i think he happy for jen she final move on and angelina very good mother she loves her very much children. Also very good actress .... what ever other people say bad thing about her but lots fans out their who will always support her... just a media crappy


I think its karma, he is not as attractive as he was when he was with Jen. I don't find either one of them worth watching.




I think that Brad should be ashamed of himself. he was the one who Cheated on Miss Aniston...who is very pretty and smart. I am glad he is happy and such but leave her the heck alone.... you cheated dude if you did not want to be with her and wanted to live in sin with Miss Jolie then you should have divorced her first you made yourself look bad, not Jen.

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