Bill Hudson, Father of Kate Hudson, Sells Out Daughter in Tell-All Book

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Kate Hudson is reportedly very upset that her father, Bill Hudson, has written a scandalous book about the actress and her famous mother, Goldie Hawn.

Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family claims Hawn carried on brazen affairs during their relationship and begged him for an open marriage.

Bill Hudson, a musician, alleges that Hawn had dalliances with Shampoo co-star Warren Beatty and French actor Yves Renier while they were married.

He also refers to Kate as a spoiled brat, among other things.

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Goldie, who has been partnered with Kurt Russell for many years, informed Bill she also had an affair with a Swedish man named Bruno, he claims.

“My mouth dropped open. I didn’t know how to respond. ‘Wait, weren’t we just saying how much we love each other," he recalls asking his then-wife.

"Didn’t we just make love for days on end? And now you tell me this guy is coming here and staying with you? Are you going to tell him about us?’

That's what we call an overshare, B.

“She glared at me but didn’t say a word. That was all I needed. ‘When you are finished with Bruno, you can call me. You have my number.’ And I left.”

Bill goes on to claim that after her encounter with Bruno, Goldie returned to him in tears - he writes: “I’m in love with you,” she said sobbing.

According to Hudson, Hawn begged: “You’re my soul mate. I know it in my heart. It’s just that I’ve always believed in an open marriage.”

More of Bill’s shocking claims about Goldie Hawn and their famous daughter, Kate Hudson, will be released in the coming days.



Kate Hudson had no trouble going to the press, and making her father look callous and uncaring. He has every right to defend himself. Had she wanted to keep the dirty laundry private, she should have been quiet about him. She didn't want to look as if she was a carefree wealthy girl from Hollywood, but that she had experienced pain, well, now she's going to get pain. I like her, but some celebrities want to dramatize their lives to show how they overcame adversity, but in this case, Mr. Hudson has the right to defend his reputation, and ensure that people don't get the impression that he was a neglectful Dad, and I guess that it really bothered him to be portrayed as such.


why is he a jerk for telling the truth? why is he a jerk for exposing these women for what they are? i suspect it's because we just enjoy believing in the fairy tale version of our favorite actors/actresses and we simply don't want to hear the truth about them. it makes us angry because then everything we thought about them is no longer accurate. in other words, we shoot the messenger, in this case, bill hudson. i love the hudson brothers, especially brett, and can't wait to read bill's book. the truth is the truth, whether you like it or not.


Good for him. And documentation to prove it.


It Is No Surprise To We That Are Around 60 Years Old That Goldie Hawn, 'Laugh-In' Queen, Was and Is A Hippie. She Had An Affair With Her Laugh-In Fellow Actress Judy Carne's Husband Burt Reynolds. She Did Have A Sexual Relationship With Warren Beatty, According To Warren Beatty. People Said She Didn't Bathe After Sexual Encounters and Stunk. This Has All Been Documented Years Ago. I Think Goldie's Ex Should Enjoy Life NOW and Forget The Past.


Well, I'm a little surprised by these harsh comments. All these years, Bill Hudson has been silent, aside from one tidbit on I believe Goldie's true hollywood stories. I have seen and read interviews of Goldie and Kate and they told their side. They both were negative saying he was an absent Dad, etc. If someone for years spoke negatively of you publicly, told untruths, wouldn't you want to get your truth out there at some point? Ok, I dont know him, but my gut and from what I've read of his love for his family, he's a good man who got screwed. I wish you the best, Bill!

@ LouiseP

Yeah Louise, you should know since you were in the wizard of oz together. That does not make you an expert. Unless you have lived with him, you are not qualified to determine if they were speaking "untruths" about him. Do not let your physical attraction to the hudson brothers override logic. You may want to get your gut checked too, because any man that has been in as many relationships as he has, sends red flags. Why do all the women leave, maybe his ego and temper? A man with class would not attack the way he did. His response says more than I need to know about his character. When you see his videos or pics, all I feel and see is anger. I am not impressed with any of the Hudson Brothers.


I want to hear the other side of the story, we've heard her side for years ! There are two sides to one story, it's time he had his say !


He is such a jerk for doing this. He complains he doesn't have a close relationship with his kids? Well. . after this book. . he never ever will. I agree with you pak31, I never thought she looked like Goldie, but she does have similar mannerisms and her voice sometimes sounds like hers.


I can easily believe that Goldie Hawn love her 2 adult (children) with Bill Hudson, but I can also believe she is probably wondering what his beef is. Goldie moved on years ago, and has been in a long term relationship with Kurt Russell. By all indications Oliver and Kate are both doing well, and evidently Bill Hudson is continuing to live on a diet of sour grapes!!




What a jack A$$!

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