Big Brother 13 Finale Recap: Is Rachel Reilly the Comeback Kid?

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This season of Big Brother was one of many twists.

At times too many. The golden keys. The duo format. The one-week return of the duo format. It all felt a little convoluted at times - even by BB standards.

Things really picked up in recent weeks, however, beginning with the double eviction mayhem that ousted both Daniele and Jeff, making it anyone's game.

At that point, the Big Brother 13 house was essentially Rachel Reilly and a crew of true floaters. America's Most Hated was somehow in the driver's seat.

Big Brother 13 Final 3

Not that Rache was undeserving. She came in as a painful Big Brother villain of yesteryear (okay, last year). But she was always a fierce competitor, and had morphed into someone who actually understands the social elements!

In short, as we noted weeks ago, she could really win this thing!

IF she could make it happen and win the final Head of Household battle against Adam Poch and Porsche Briggs, Big Brother 13 was hers to lose. But did she?

She did. Rachel won part one, then part three against Porsche, then chose to face off against Porsche for the $500,000 prize, henceforth evicting Adam.

"If I was in the final two, I would've won," Adam said, hilariously, to Julie Chen. He's a likable dude, but going up against Rachel, that's a dubious claim.

Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas

In any event, it came down to a jury vote between Rachel and Porsche, who may not even understand how the game works, but did deserve to be there.

She floated for half the season, but really turned it up of late. Not the best strategist, no, but a mid-level contestant who opportunistically caught fire.

"I hope you see something good in me also to compete in life and do something good with it," Porsche pleaded with the jury, somewhat convincingly.

In truth, the seven-member panel likely saw this as an easy call. Brendon was going with his Boo-Key, and Jeff and Jordan were clearly on Team Rachel.

That meant Porsche needed everyone else. Kalia and Dani were locks to vote for her, and did so. Adam also did, for reasons unknown, knotting it at 3-3.

Rachel Reilly Wins

Shelly Moore was the dealbreaker for Porsche in the end. Despite issues with Rachel, Shelly voted with her brain and handed the redhead a half million.

It's hard not to be mildly annoyed at this, given her cattiness the last two summers. At the same time, would you have preferred Adam or Porsche win?

Rachel Reilly deserves due credit for doing more than win absurd games to control power. She formed alliances and kept the peace from mid-August on.

Meanwhile, Jeff won $25,000 as America's Favorite Houseguest, which fans voted for online. That was far less of a surprise than Rachel winning it all.

What do you think of Reilly's triumph, which seemed impossible a few months ago? Did the jury make the right call? Did Rachel deserve to win BB13?


I'm very happy that Rachel won- there is nobody else besides Jeff that deserved to win. Dani thinks she is better than everyone else and she didn't deserve nothing and Rachel is a way better person with more personality than Dani could ever pretend to be or have. She was just jealous because Rachel has everything she wants and she is definitively a way better than Dani even on her worst day. Rachel fought to be there and that's why she won. Thank God that Porshe didn't win because she definitely didn't deserve it. Jeff deserved everything he won as well,just wish it could have been him in the end. Good job Rachel-- you deserved it. GO RACH!!!!!


Way to go, Rachel! You truly worked hard to acheive your victory. You blossomed into a truly likeable person to watch, & I believe that was nearly as important to you as the financial reward. I hope you maintain your friendship with J&J because the bond seemed so genuine. You are a winner in many respects. I wish you and Brendon all the happiness in the world!


I think the show was alittle fixed from what i have heard about live feeds and such but besides that i loved Danni and yes she played her game bad but oh well tis life and i am happy that Racheal won she was the best competitor and she deserved it...she definetly did a great job handeling it when Brendon left twice i thought she would have flipped out but WTG Racheal awesome job!!!! Now go have a huge wedding with the love of your life!


I'm so happy for you Rach!!! You are one tough chick and battled your way to the finals. You deserve to have won and hope you and Brendon have a beautiful wedding!!!


@s harr- What your alleging is impossible. CBS and producers have every single competition locked down and the order the specific competition will be played BEFORE they even cast the contestants for the season. Your entitled to your opinion and to not like the outcome; but come on. Be real. Do you realize how much legal trouble CBS would be in if they operated that way? They would not be on the air 13 years later. Also, she sent our Jordan because she was loyal to her ally, Adam. And Shelly did what the jury SHOULD always do, vote for who played the best game.


I am so glad that Rachel won this season. She played a great game even though everyone was against her( and Yes they were), I didn't like her last season at all, but she has changed my opinion of her, which is not easy to do with me. Maybe it was watching Dani being more of a crude person than Rachel ever was. Rachel got a raw rap and I am glad she turned it around.....If you Ever see this Rachel "Way To Go" you deserved This win and the people that say you didn't are heartless.


Dani was a great competitor who could have rode to the finale, but her game play sucked (even her Dad said it). Dani is a brat who if she would have stayed w/ her alliance, liking them or not would have made it to the end, I think she would have won. But instead she resorted to lying, name calling & basically throwing tantrums (if you watch after dark or the live feeds you would have seen her). Shelly admitted that she voted out Jeff too early but Dani will never admit she played a horrible game. I was never a fan of Rachel, but I am so glad she won of useless Porsche. Dani said Adam's a floater, he laid low, didn't win etc. But when Porsche does it she calls it her "game". Dani also calls her backstabbing her alliance not once but twice "a bold move" & that "she's the only one w/ the guts to do it" but when Jeff does it she calls him a "liar" and a "backstabber". She can dish it but can't take it.


Hello to funny you think bb is rigged! No way! Rachael deserved to win and did because Shelly voted her too if it was rigged why not have Adam vote for her. I was shocked that Adam didnt. I have watched for years and Im so happy she won. Most of the time by the end I dont even watch because its people who have lied and cheated all the way in game. This year everyones cards was on table and we knew with rachael she only had Jordan. Love you Rachael glad you won and even more glad you are a real person who doesnt hide their true colors!!!!!


Rachel played a great game. I was impressed how she stepped it up even though her BB left and she almost lost it. I congradulate her for winning the last HoH. Danielle was so bitter not sure why, it was a game and Kalea was not playing the game as she stated, she went along with Danielle.. Go Rachel...


HOOORAY!!!!! for Rachel!!

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