Bethenny Frankel on Suicide of Russell Armstrong: Don't Blame Bravo!

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Bethenny Frankel may soon be leaving Bravo, but she's still quick to defend the network.

Asked about the suicide of Russell Armstrong and whether The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills could be blamed for the tragedy, this reality star scoffed at the mere mention of such liability.

“It’s preposterous to blame a TV show for someone’s suicide,” Bethenny told USA Today. “When the show started filming, I’d heard he wasn’t so kind to his wife."

B. Frank
Taylor and Russell Armstrong

Whatever problems Russell had, and whatever exposure they'd be given on the Real Housewives, Frankel says the troubled man knew what was in store for him before a single frame was shot:

“People sign very lengthy documents and they know what they’re getting into. Life is stressful. It’s unfair to blame a TV show for something personal. I believe that I really do.”

In one of his final interviews, Armstrong railed against the show that made him famous, citing its editing process and how he's nothing like the person viewers saw each week. Bravo will premiere season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday night.


bethany is a loud mouth know it all person, who came of rich by the skin of her teeth. She is a hard worker,ans she hustled her but of to get where she is, but she doesnt know everything, just because she handled the tv reality crap, doesnt mean anyone could handle it. shes a bitch, she used her tv status to blast her mother, and her childhood.


I mean really Bethenny - You come off bigger than you are. Your a little shit in the big commode. Shame on you for even pretending to know anything about this family incident. I thought you were classier than this - no cares what you think your pathetic.

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