Audrina Patridge Admits: I Have a Chest Problem

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This is difficult for Audrina Patridge to talk about, but she knows she must lead the charge for others in a similar predicament.

When asked in a recent interview if she's undergone plastic surgery, the former Hills star came clean: she has a chest problem.

Pic of Audrina

"Look at the pictures," Audrina said of the accusations. "I fluctuate in weight a lot. And as far as my face, I'd never had anything done."

What about any kind of breast enhancement?

"Well," Patridge paused. "See I have this chest problem. My bone right here, it's higher on this side? It's pectoralis something. So I've always struggled with that. You could see they look different sizes all the time."

Go ahead and study our collection of Audrina Patridge photos, folks. See for yourself. Then, take up a collection for this poor young lady. She's really struggling.



JESUS GOD!!! REALLY PEOPLE?! stop talking shit... its all because all you other BITCHES cant get over the fact that she BEAUTIFUL.... WHO THE FUCK CARES if she did anything to her boobs? she looks the same! SO GET OVER YOURSELVES! GET A LIFE! AND STOP POSTING HAYE ABOUT HER!! OKAY???? ...... #realtalk


Audrina is beautiful. her honesty and pure ways she lives her life is amazing.


You guys talk alot of shtt... who the hell do you think you are? Audrina is way above this pissy gossipp & You..dirty little liars. seems some will be ugly & jealous the rest of your lives. yes keep using HG To hide behind... Audrina takes my breath away, YES... like millions OF OTHERS...WE LOVE & ADORE HER. this article stinks of trouble..leave her alone AXXHOLES!


Wow! What spin! Some PR agent dug deep for this one. Audrina claims to have Pectoralis which causes her breasts to look like they are different sizes at different times? WRONG! A drastic reduction before the start of 2011, YES! Look at last summer or any time during the 3 years proceeding 2011 when there were no changes in her bust, then look at Audrina this summer. Audrina went from ample cleavage up close to the breast bone - to no cleavage, flat, and sagging closer to her navel. That's a significant reduction not a deformity which has resulted in shapeless Audrina. Don’t know why she did it. She looked so much better before with some cleavage. Btw Pectoralis Major and Minor are muscles in the chest NOT bone problems or deformities. FYI


I will still suck on those titties! Come to the lesbian side!


I actually have what she is claiming to have also, with the bone deformity. It's like a form of pigeon chest or funnel chest or whatever, and with BREAST IMPLANTS (or natural breasts) regardless of the size you get them the breasts will always fall outwards away from the center of the chest, instead of sitting straight across your chest wall (if you have funnel chest the breasts will fall inwards towards the center, and squish them together. Women without the deformity, breasts will lay flat against the rib cage and be fairly perfect where they sit.(without a deformity.) AND Women sometimes get breast implants to distract from the aesthetically unpleasing look of the lop sided sternum and rib cage. So she got a boob job to cover up the fact she has a messed up know her CHEST THING.


She has a face problem too!

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