Antoine Dodson Arrested for Blasting of Music, Ignoring of Warrant

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Oh, the irony.

Antoine Dodson, who rose to viral fame when he ranted to a reporter about his role in chasing off a criminal, is now a criminal himself.

Antoine Dodson Mug Shot

Dodson was pulled over by police on Saturday and cited for blasting his music above the local noise ordinance. The cops then learned there was a warrant out for his arrest because Antoine did not appear in court following his arrest in April on marijuana charges.

According to TMZ, Dodson was booked and released after posting $516 bond.


You dumb ass bitch it says Marijuana charges, so sit down and shut the fuck up and you can't even fucking spell "arrested".


Of course he got eaerstrd for crack possession, typical negro . I'm sure youtube gave him a small amount of money for the video hype and he went wild with it like every other negro would do. They just can't think.

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