Amy Winehouse's Dad to Blake Fielder-Civil: This is YOUR Fault!

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Amy Winehouse's father Mitch is basically calling out Blake Fielder-Civil for killing his little girl by virtue of laying the groundwork for hard ass drug addiction.

Hey, it's not a hard sell to even the casual observer.

Mitch Winehouse feels that it was Blake Fielder-Civil who first introduced Ames to the hard drugs, specifically heroin, that ransacked her body for years.

Blake Fielder Civil With Amy Winehouse

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Mitch is careful to say that he doesn't blame Amy's death on Blake, but reading between the lines, he likely does.

Were it not for Fielder-Civil, who's currently serving time for a burglary and firearm offense, Amy's life wouldn't have spiraled out of control so badly.

Mitch is adamant that Amy died of a seizure brought about by detoxing. If going OFF drugs and alcohol kills someone, that says a lot about their lifestyle.

Take it as a cautionary tale, Sarah Aspin.



True artists can t resist the silliness of the spotlight. Trained artists can. FAMEWHORES love it.


how the hell is her dad gonna say that. Wut f ppl say her parents shud have stepp'd n wen they saw their daughter spiraling n2 LiLo...f he hadnt introduced her 2 drugs,the lifestyle of hollywood wud have,or sumthn else. 2 me, stars that r on hard drugs,have nothin' better 2 do wit all that $$. 2 each's own, but he shud take responsibility & NOT point fingers @ any1. She had a choice 2 say no, but let the devil get 2 her. Im like Madea now:"i cant stand 4 sum1 that blames their problems on sum1 else", grow up!!


I feel sorry for she was my dream girl love u Amy.

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