America's Got Talent Review: Who Will Win?

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After weeks of competition, it's officially on, folks! The America's Got Talent finals kicked off last night, with four acts competing for the grand prize. Let's take a look at how each  performed...

Nick Cannon and Terry Fator

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - The car washer has been humble throughout the competition and his big dreams were backed by velvety vocals. Here he ended with "My Way," which made a lot of sense. Not only was the song vocally challenging, but you knew he meant every word he said. I liked how he tried to move around the small circle the producers forced him on. Some of his singing was drowned out by clapping in the middle, but his ending had power and was clean. My Grade: A

Team iLuminate - We're told the story of overcoming obstacles to return to a passion for dance and technology. They took the huge risk by adding even more dancers, but making sure the core group was the focus. The use of the hearts was a nice element because of how clear the images were. The colors this time were vibrant and really distinguishable on TV. The formations were great and there were so many techniques used that they never did and there were little to no mistakes. My Grade: A+

PopLyfe - The team finally put some focus on the keyboardist Dylan for arranging the music which helps prove the group shouldn't disband. They decided to end with another risk: Queen. I liked the high energy, but there was something really distracting about the lighting choices for the band. They took a nice risk for doing a slower portion. There were blatant pitch issues and the backup singers aren't amazing, but they fought hard. It was a shame watching Kehlani in tears because she knew she cost the team their win. My Grade: B+

Silhouettes - After some technical difficulties where America was forced to watch a handful of bad auditions and relive some of Nick's memorable suits, the Silhouettes were on. I don't think that we would have had more than seven minutes if there wasn't something really bad with the stage. We didn't get their background story because of the issues. The use of the colors was a great opening and the use of height was nice. The animal theme was an interesting idea, but I liked how they finally did slightly more difficult international formations. My Grade: A

So, who do you think will win?


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Team ilamation


Landau sucked! That aint no original sh*t! He just be doing a sinatra imitation. award should have gone to one of the group acts. this show sucks!


Landau sounded terrible the last 2 times. Nobody I talked to would pay to see him in Vegas. Illuminate they would and the motorcyle guys. Those are great Vegas acts.Totally disappointed as we all were with last years winner.The show is making millions of dollars with all the sponsors. That is sickening.We all believe Landau got the 'race' vote as usual.


Thought the talent was poor compared to other years. Wouldn't pay to see any of them in Vegas!


totally disagree with results. Landau has ok story but this decision was another politically correct vote pure and simple. this will prove true when his vegas show gets poor attendance. on the other hand, the acts that came in 2 and 3, iLuminate and Silhouttes, are both amazing acts that will KILL in vegas! this is another case of the 'ruben studdard' effect - people vote because they can feel good about helping out the poor car wash guy and show they are not racist. in reality they are not going to pay vegas prices to see this guy, but they would for the other two group acts. time will tell. just keeping it real.


Glad Landau won. He was excellent. Could not believe Sihouettes made it this far let alone pushed out Team Iluminate. If you removed their jingoist material and they were not allowed to superimpose the actual monuments, buildings, scens or whatever they were trying to replicate, you would not know what they actually were, I figure it was all teh little children inolved that made everyone go all sappy and not realize they were not even remotely good.


i am so glad landoau won he is exceptional and certinaly one of akind


Thank you Ed...totally agree! Giving Pop Lyfe a D would be generous. No big loss because they weren't going to win it anyone, but they were awful, and let's not sugarcoat it by giving them a "B". I personally am rooting for Landau or Team Illuminate. Silouettes did good last night, but I've been rooting for Landau and Team Illuminate from the beginning...could easily see either performing in Vegas!


lol well the writer of this article looses all crdibility when you give the poplfe a b" geez they were terrible


Wached a 4 acts. While Team iLuminate is a good concept, I think being able to change their group and add to it is unfair to the other contestants. The rock group was terrible. Landau was excellent throughout the competition and would be a great Vegus act. Silhouttes were great and the best dancers by far. I would pay to see both silhouettes and Landau.