America's Got Talent Results: And the Finalists Are...

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What five acts advanced to the America's Got Talent finals to take on Poplyfe, West Springfield Dance Team, Team iLuminate, Miami All-Stars and Lys Agnes? Let's find out...

Making the Finals?

Eliminations Part 1: Gymkana, Steven Retchless, The Silhouettes - After Gymkana caught on fire, you knew their chances were over. Steven may have been overshadowed by all the extra dancers and the tension that Piers generated. The Silhouettes may not have been praised by the judges, but they had a creative opening and strong use of colors. It seemed obvious that the Silhouettes would make it through.

Eliminations Part 2: Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Anna Graceman - Landau has an uplifting nature during his performance, but Piers was disappointed. On the other hand, the judges loved Anna, but I'm not the only person that thought she had pitch issues. Anna Graceman advanced to the finals. In a shocking twist, Nick faked out Landau and he made it in as well.

Eliminations Part 3:  Professor Splash, Fatally Unique, Summerwind Skippers, Landon Swank - Professor Splash got boring as he continued to jump and jump and jump. Fatally Unique was strong, but lost in the shuffle of dance groups. Summerwind Skippers had one too many mistakes and needed to clean up their performances. Landon was the magicians' last hope and the routine was visually strong. Landon Swank survived.

Eliminations Part 4: Smage Bros Riding Shows, Snap Boogie, The Kinetic King - Grandma Smage was the trooper of the night, laying down her body for her grandsons. Kinetic King had an explosive routine, but it was a bit shorter. Snap Boogie had a stronger second half of his routine during the "Boogie Wonderland" section, but his first half was confusing to me. The final person eliminated before the judges' deliberation was The Kinetic King. I'm going to miss his awkward antics.

The final two contestants were down to Smage Brothers and Snap Boogie. Both voiced how happy they were to perform leaving the judges to deliberate. After the commercial break, while Sharon voiced her love for the full Smage Family, she voted for Snap Boogie. Piers changed his vote to Smage Brothers because they were building momentum. Howie was last and he chose Smage Bros because he thought they were more fun to watch.

So, our five contestants to make it to the finals were:

  1. Silhouettes
  2. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
  3. Anna Graceman
  4. Landon Swank
  5. Smage Bros Riding Show

First, I was ticked off that Daniel Joseph Baker was thrown away in favor of West Springfield Dance Team. Fatally Unique were so much better, but they performed awhile ago and so people forgot their excellent Rhythm Nation routine. I'm watching next week just to see WSDT lose cause no way they're making it to top 4/5. Loved Steve Retchless, but who can compete vote wise with an act (silhouettes) that has 41 people in it? Somebody tell Landon Swank not to get too excited since magicians never come close to winning this. Didn't know enough people still dug Sinatra enough to send Landau to the top. Gee, we don't have enough singers in the business so we need AGT to give us the next singer we'll soon forget about.


Yes, you are the only one who thought Anna Graceman had pitch issues. You are tone deaf. I have read many news articles about last weeks show and not one mentioned this. I know a heard hearing specialist.


I agree with Danielle. I am very disappointed with the show. He deserves to stay on! The wohoo and the awesome work and talent he showed far surpasses any bike or motorcycle acts or dance routines. If I were the judges, I would have been ashamed when that happened. If there was a Vegas vote, I think that the one folks would pay to see would be his. For his sake and his fans sake, I hope there is great news and a great career for the man of Kinetics. Boo to you, America has talent and boo to the comment made "I don't know how to take him". This whole thing STINKS!!!


I'm so sad the kinetic king didn't make it. He was so good and he really deserved it. Oh well I'm sure we'll see him somewhere on the science channel in the future. Haha

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