Amber Portwood Walks Off Teen Mom Reunion Show; Sister's Memory to Blame

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Amber Portwood walked off set during the filming of the Teen Mom reunion that aired Tuesday night, but not for the reasons many expected.

Surprisingly, the troubled star's meltdown had nothing to do with her legal drama, her controversial relationship with Gary Shirley or her suicide attempt.

It was the memory of her sister.

Awful Amber

Still dealing with the hurt of losing her baby sister to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Amber got emotional when Dr. Drew brought up the topic.

It's a sad subject, but do you think everything else going on in her life contributed to that reaction? Or was she just caught off guard by the question?

It'll be interesting to see if she can get her life together or if this is yet another sign of bad things to come for Amber Portwood. In the meantime, tell us:

Which Teen Mom star is the best parent?


Sids affects every individual that was around the infant. I lost my son to SIDS and believe me my family is still grieving his loss 18 years later. If you have not experienced this situation believe me when I say you have no idea how painful it is for everyone involved. Again if you haven't been there you will never understand and I hope you never do. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. so try to have a little compassion.


Amber is a b*tch. I'm sad she didnt die, maybe her daughter would be able to grow up without seeing so much drama in her life. Poor Leah deserves so much better.


that caitlin ones a sack giving up her daughter and continuing a relationship with her partner, do they not realise if they have another child and keep it that will really dammage the little girl


amber is sooooo fake!!! it is real obvious that she's in it for the attention! she make's all these claim's of changing ya rite she is putting on a front so she does'nt get her child taken from her!! she has the dumbest look on her face when Dr Drew ask's about her loving Gary and that is one of those sign's that she is just doing the thing's she does for attention! that would explain her trying to take the coward's way out bye killing herself! it"s too bad it did'nt work!!! she is not fit to take care of a Rat!!!!!!!!! BASKET CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do understand Ambers issues with the loss of her sister BUT, Amber is being very fake. when she started to cry, her facial expressions were those of someone putting on a show for the audiance. Grow up Amber, keep going to counseling, take care of your daughter and DONT go back to Gary. you are both too detrimental to your daughter.


She was between 4-6 years old when her sister passed. Yes it could definitely contribute to her anger and depression. She is doing the best she can under her circumstances. Don't judge until you walk her path.


Agree! I know it must be hard but she did not know her and well I think she has worse issues to work with like her anger that is still in need of work


I understand it is very hard subject and that it probably does hurt but did she even know her sister. Was she even old enough to remember her or her death. It sounds to me like maybe she is just looking for more attention.

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