Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley: It's Over!

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Stop us if you've heard this before, but Teen Mom's Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood are over. Done. Broken up. Splitsville. Not getting back together.

While we believe that almost as much as when Jersey Shore's Sammi Giancola (we refuse to call her Sweetheart) says "I AM DONE" to Ronnie, Gary says he's positive that he's over his baby mama Amber for good this time.

The reality star bombed out a series of Tweets to that effect:

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley Photo
  • I’m completely through w amber No more back n fourth sh*t. I got my precious baby u got your precious anderson men hope your sins r worth it
  • Hard to turn u away today, heading u cry was hard but your actions were terrible and this time there was no reason for what u did. No love.
  • Moving on I’m bout to kick it with honors with my last night til I get Leah back from grandmas. Thank u mom for everything.

Read into that what you will. It seems like he's implying that Amber Portwood is sleeping around with the men of Anderson, Indiana. Just a theory.

Later, he Tweeted, "I got a date tonight. With a girl in Indy… Where to take her? Just dinner lol a date plus I’ve been over this crap way to long."

So ... there you go. Gary Shirley has no love for Amber, tons of love for Leah and went out with some new girl. Who hopefully loves Aeropostale.


After watching this season....i realized that gary plays mind games with amber...yes they love each other...but they dont need to be together...amber has a lot of issues to work out....although gary is a good father...he still has some growin up to do before gettin into a serious relationship.....


They both played mind games on eachother, but sorry to say Amber is a huge loser. I dont mean to sound cruel or anything, but I think the whole Candice thing was an act. Weve seen Amber on 4 seasons of shows and dhe just now mentions it, also she was way young and the baby died super young, so Amber didnt even know the baby. Shes psycho and a complete loser and just blames her issues on anything and everything else. She just sits on her ugly ass and watches Leah play... wow, what great parenting. Leah is better off with Gary and his mother.


i think that gary shirley is a great father to his daughter leah because he takes care of her and supports her also as for amber portwood this woman needs to grow up her anger issues are out of control she had physically abused gary on the show and now it looks like child services are involved now with this case but im glad that gary is moving on without amber he does not need a crazy psycho woman like her .




i think its great he is over her.. he is a nice guy and very funny and so sweet... gary ur great stay u


3 words: Ron and Sam.


I just hope Amber doesn't buy into his boo-hooing in a few weeks and his "Oh I sent you flowers, look how wonderful I am" b.s. Amber needs to get her life on the right track and she can't do that with that waste of space named Gary hanging around.


In a few days he will be crying how he misses her. She is defiantly better of without that low life. He has eaten one to many fried twinkies. Lose some weight Gary and go get a job. Amber lives on her own u live with mom. Try to be a man and take care of the baby girl by yourself.


All amber does is lay in bed LOL

Stacy elizabeth milaschewski

gary has custody now guys, his mother is who found her trying a hang herself after unsuccessfully gulping pills...i think things could've worked out differently, i wish they would had taken help, or sought out more counseling for their little family.

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