All My Children Ends 40-Season Run Today

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It's the end of an era. A really long, cheesy era.

The legendary soap opera All My Children ends Friday after more than 40 years. Originally a half-hour show, AMC premiered in January 1970, it was later expanded to an hour. Thousands upon thousands of episodes followed.

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Earlier this month, Susan Lucci, 64, who has played Erica Kane on the soap since 1970, vented her frustration with the show's end in a new epilogue the star added to the paperback version of her autobiography, All My Life: A Memoir.

Lucci said ABC exec Brian Frons aided its demise by pushing aside creator Agnes Nixon in 2008 and appointing writers who'd provide “sub-par" content.

"An iconic show was losing out to greed," Lucci said of ABC’s decision to cancel the soap opera in favor of a food show called The Chew (starting Monday).

If Brian Frons could show his bosses that he could save the network 40 percent, he could keep his job, even if the rest of us ended up losing ours."

Chew on that, ABC bigwigs.


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I cant believe they took All My Children off the air for another stupit cooking show. We have one or two channels set aside just for cooking shows u could have tanken something off one of those instead no you have to take a long running show like All My Children off that did by the way have millions of viewers and the stupid chew I guess is what its called has what one.


Please bring back all my children and
one life to live ! I hate the chew shame on ABC we dont have a say on what you do....but I will protest ABC . I have been a long time fan of the sops . I wath General Hospital is it next? If so I'll never watch anything on ABC


I cannot believe this is the end of all my children! i refuse! The ending episode could have been written better. they could of gave the fans that much! i hope they realize what a terrible mistake they've made and return the show.


I will never watch The Chew. To make sure my household is not calculated as viewing, I will not turn the television on until 1:00p.m for the soap opera One Life to Live. Imagine another cooking/reality show. I suppose if you need cooking lessons buy a cookbook and if that doesn't work then do trial and error method. To think after 40+ years with good ratings the network reduced to in my opinion "rock bottom". I truly hope the show does not to well.


I can't believe they ended all my children that way!! Please bring back the show, it was the best abc show and now its gone. Replaced by one more cooking show.


I'm surprised that it has not been cancelled sooner story line have been repeated eventhough it was with different people,But for sure all my children was,is the best soap ever use to run home for lunch just to watch it


I watched All My Children all 40 years. No way will I watch the food show...
These past few years I had to go to watching the SoapNet in the evening, so I could see All My Children. Now I have DVR, but no show...Really Sucks...Don't like the way they ended it either. There is no end. Please....Bring it Back...


I refuse to even leave my TV on an ABC channel during the day because I think it is stupid to put a food show on instead of AMC. I use to watch it with My Mom and Granny when I was a kid and then when I was in the service I would record it and watch and then send the tapes to my friend overseas so she could see it too. STUPID MOVE ABC!!!!


I say no one watch abc anymore and let's see how they like it.


I would like see all my children continue If it aunt broke dont fix it