Alex McCord: Still Off The Real Housewives of New York City!

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She begged. She pleaded. She was rejected.

Despite issuing a statement last week that made it appear as if she were totally cool with being let go from The Real Housewives of New York City, sources confirm that Alex McCord went to producers over the weekend and asked for her job back.

They said no.

Simon and Alex

"Bravo doesn't want to cut the relationship, Alex and [husband Simon van Kempen] are nice people, but as for the show and them they are done," an insider tells E! News. "They will be asked to make guest appearances on other Bravo shows, perhaps as judges, or in guest spots - expect to see them in one form or another. They don't want to burn a bridge."

The McCords were making $275,000 per season and will now need to find a new platform on which to plug their new line of Egyptian cotton sheets and towels, Aluxe Home. Our heart goes out to them.


My heart does not go out to them. Let them get jobs and work like the ordinary people they are. They had their chance but turned into arrogant haters. Simon became so creepy, Alex was ridiculous and a bad actress. Just watched Bevery Hills and saw Kyle interacting with her little girl, it was such a happy scene and the little girl was so sweet and secure. Alexs cute little boy seems implusive, insecure and disconnected. They should spend more time on him. He's worth much more than fame.


Thank God Bravo stuck to their guns. Alex seemed to think that her new nasty "voice" and overacted attacks on her castmates would keep her on the show but she was a toxic turnoff. The popular, successful housewives are strong in themselves, not just defined by who they attack. Being funny helps too. Alex was so negative and all she brought were these negative attacks that brought the energy down. Shes stupid not to realize that being the peacemaker of the group might have secured her position for another season. Instead she poisoned the water and ended it.


To air this couple and therefore reinforce their co-dependent relationship publicly is a negative displayed for those viewers whom are young and impressionable. How many blogs have I read that marvel at the closeness of these two sick people. Now Bravo has taken them off the air. Horay for Bravo.


Thank goodness they are gone!


Alex was the only one I actually wanted to stay. I'm indifferent about Ramona, change my mind about Sonja & loathe the rest. I'm not interested in watching now that the bullies have had their way. I could not watch the fake countess again.


I think Bravo did a good thing to get rid of Alex and her husband, a good move to get rid of this drama queen. I will watch this show as long as Alex and her husband are not there


Alex just got interesting, I was looking forward to seeing her emotional breakdown.
Kelly and Alex can now move in to the same padded cell.
Shame it won't be filmed.


Bravo, bravo!!! It was awful watching Alex become a diva as the years have gone by. And Simon , he was always a male diva. I look forward to who u will replace them with. Hopefully some one who doesn't have an inflatable pool in the back!! They came cross a people who were trying to keep up with the Jonses. And once Alex came back for the next year and the next year, her head got bigger. I think she forgot where she came from. Once again, smart move Bravo!!

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