Alberto Alvarez, Michael Jackson Bodyguard, to Testify Against Dr. Conrad Murray

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Alberto Alvarez just wants the truth to be heard.

The bodyguard summoned to Michael Jackson's bedroom by Dr. Conrad Murray as the King of Pop's body lay lifeless on his bed will testify in court today.

Alvarez, who was with Murray before paramedics arrived, was allegedly asked by the physician to put Propofol bottles into sacks before he called 911.

Whether that happened and what Alvarez's reaction was will come out shortly.

Bad Conrad
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"Alberto has maintained his silence throughout the investigation. He had numerous offers to sell his story, but he never did," a source close to the case says.

"Alberto has maintained his loyalty to Michael Jackson and his children, even after he died. Alberto is very, very loyal, and he will get up on the stand and finally be able to tell the world what really happened on that day."

"Really, Alberto just wants to tell the truth."

The Dr. Conrad Murray trial got underway this week with the stunning claim by the defense that Jackson himself injected himself with the fatal dose.

Yesterday, Michael Amir Williams, a personal assistant to MJ, described Murray as frenzied and panicked in the aftermath of the singer's "bad reaction."

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He's Hot! ;)


Alberto Alvarez is an honest man...I know. I worked with him for SEVERAL years at a mortgage company. God Bless you Alberto!


I could never understand why Michael Jackson was referred to as a "gentleman on the 911 call, June 25, 2009". If I was in Dr. Conrad Murray's place I would do everything possible to keep Michael Jackson's alive and well as without him the salary will no longer be $150,00/month but $000,00/monthly. I read somewhere in one of the magazine that Michael Jackson probably would not live 6 more months and that was over 6 months before June 25, 2009. I have no idea where or what magazine this was as it was while I was in line at a Jewel's store. It was not even on the headline but as I was flipping the pages I saw that article about Michael Jackson.


I think that there are not enough stand-up guys like Alberto Alvarez bodyguard. I watched his testimony, and I really don't think anyone could ask for a more solid, honest, man. He didn't sale his story. That says a lot for his character. If I ever am in need to have a body guard, he would be my first choice. You just don't find people that are that loyal these days. I just have so much respect for Alberto Alvarez the bodyguard for the fact that he didn't sale the story. I am happy that this story feel into his hands where they could be kept safe. I am sorry for the burden it has put on you, but you are the only one who could have given Michael the dignity that he deserves.


That's what I said. This whole thing would have been over if they would have made him the first wittness to testify. But everyone wanted a long drawnout trial.

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