Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith: On Verge of Separation?

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We know what they said - "Our marriage is intact" - but a source close to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith makes it clear:

This is still a marriage in trouble.

Will and Jada

Without spilling specifics, an insider tells TMZ that separation is "definitely a possibility" for Will and Jada, who will soon go away with their children in an effort to save the relationship... or possibly explain to Willow and Jaden what's about to happen.

Rumors of a split between the couple, married for 13 years, circulated early yesterday via an In Touch Weekly report. It was later shot down with the above statement, but this mole says the language was chosen carefully.

We are still together? Our marriage is intact? Those aren't exactly convincing declarations of love and commitment, are they?

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my family and i have always admired you two as a couple. alot of positives and ground breaking for our culture as a people. we set out in life for the best and and we wish you the best for you and your family.


You are one of the couples out there. Think before you decide, and remember the kids. Most of all pray let God show you the way.


pleas Will and Jada don,t do that think about the kids


HMMMMMMM I believe that this is their own relationship, if they break up that's their decision


please don't do this!!!!!


The breakdown of any marriage is sad. Leave them alone. 13 years is something to be proud of even if they do decide to end it. We can barely handle a relationship with ourselves...it's no wonder a lot of marriages end in divorce. Best wishes to them both. Protect the kids above all else...


now yall kno where it's smoke,the fire isnt 2 far behind. I really hope its not true & i kno they r pretty tight-lipped bout their biz, but watch n a few mths, it will b sum more seperating buzz'n, hopefully im wrong, but i do doubt it


you dont have to do that guys


What exctly god hates is divorce. . . . . ,.come on will and jada wake up!!


i dnt buy it someone is just hating. If they were going thru something only a select few wud kno and it wud be ppl they trust nt a person that is going to blab it.