What Should Justin Bieber Title His Christmas Album?

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Jack Frost will soon be nipping at Justin Bieber's nose.

On Twitter yesterday, the young singer revealed plans for a Christmas album, one that will combine classic holiday singles with a few new tracks. And we can think of at least one person who will purchase it: Kathy Griffin.


“it’s true... been in the studio doing something special for christmas," Justin wrote. "we are going to try and raise alot of money this year for charity!”

Bieber proceeded to ask fans for album title advice, which THG is happy to offer. How about...

  • Joy to MY World
  • I'm Dreaming of a White Kid From Canada
  • Christmas Stalkings
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Belieber
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Bieber
  • Jingle Biebs
  • Mele KalikiBieber

What suggestions do you have, readers?


i think jingle biebes is nice


I think the best name for J Bieb's new album is "The beauty of Jesus" or "About that time (Christmas )"


eh,Bieber, you are a great guy. I think u should call ur new Album, "Wispering Hope" or"The Joy The Flavour " or"Best Rejoice". Good luck to u Bieber.


Adults saying stupid things about a 17yr old that just so happens to be the most famous singer around right now is cazy. Justin Bieber is a great performer, never forget he's a kid! He cant help all the little girls including my daughter and niece love him.! Hes great! And now back to what he shoould call his CD, Merry Christmas 2 My Beliebers or Fans.....


selena got ran over by biebs fans.


Hopefully he will not do one.




Jingle Biebs


"I haven't bilked the American Public of enough money, so I will take more by making a Christmas Album."


This kid will be like all other teen idols. He'll be giving reunion concerts for years and playing Vegas making tons of money. He developed and sold a successful product. The girls love him and he goes down in history with the likes of: Fabian, Rick Nelson, Rick Springfield, Donny Osmond, Shaun Cassidy, Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. Not too shabby. I only hope he doesn't end up like Leif Garrett, but I think this boy is too smart and well-grounded for that. Get off his case, he is what he is. Every half-decade has its Bubble Gum Prince and he is ruling now. His reign will be short enough, but he'll still be richer than all of us and what a ride he'll have had.

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