Was Jake Pavelka Voted Off Bachelor Pad?

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What the heck happened at the end of this week's Bachelor Pad episode?

The last rose came down to Jake Pavelka - who ominously vowed that if he was going home, he was going to take as many people as he could out with him - and Kasey Kahl.

The music built to a crescendo and then ... the credits rolled.

Chris Harrison said "Kasey," but that was it. Presumably he's getting a rose? It's all unclear. The host-pimp says next week, "it will all make sense." Either way, it was odd:

Is there a chance Jake Pavelka actually sticks around? Or did the show decide to edit it this way simply to spread Jake's epic meltdown upon being voted off?

We'll find out next Monday night, obviously. But until then ...

Whose side are you on in this Bachelor Pad battle?


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Kasey is the dumbest man that has graced ABC's reality programming. He cannot see that Vienna is still in love with Jake, but Jake cannot stand the two-timing bitch. She was a tramp while on the Bachelor, and her actions prove that nothing has changed!!! I just hope that the other guys and gals watch up and start using what "little brains" God gave them to make their own decisions, instead of being led around by the nose by Kasey and Vienna before it is too late. I also think that the executives of the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad should allow the viewers to cast their votes on who should be voted off, just like Dancing With the Stars.


I was sorry to see Jake go as at least he is good looking. Vienna and Kasey are the most annoying people on earth....and they are ugly. I think I might have to stop watching if those two stay any longer.


Oh boy!!! One down and two too go. Jake is as fake as they come. Kasey is simply an IDIOT!! Vienna,oh my, "Trailer park" at it's finest. I am very happy the trash is clearing out!!!! Onward and definately upwards. Drama can continue without the personal drama of those three. Pardon me but Kasey is not bright enough to go much further.


Oh boy!!!! One down and two too go. Jakes a fake, Kasey is a complete idiot and Vienna is just trailor park trash. Hurry up and clear out the garbage. There are truly people there to keep the show interesting and deserving to win. I enjoy real drama, not manufactured lies. Between Jake and Vienna you can't believe who is the biggest liar.


I hope that it was not Jake voted off because Kasey and Vienna really need to be the one say goodbye. They are too much drama and plotting to get rid of everyone. Besides Jake has tried to be a gentleman with them both, but he knows it is best for their drama to not be there. Something happened at the end of the show and will probably update us for the next episode.


Sorry an exit interview, not and....


Janice I don't see and exit interview with Jake on Hulu.


No chance Jake was called up for the rose, then it was edited to say "Kasey" say your goodbyes?


Oh my gosh!!!!!! What is wrong with these people!?!?!?!? Kasey is ridiculous, he is annoying and should be kicked in the pecker. Vienna is too low to even talk about. Match made on heaven they deserve each other, but they don't deserve to be on tv or in the pad. I want Jake back.


Sadly, Jake was voted off. Hulu has his exit interview. I can't begin to tell you how much I hate Vienna and her pu$$y-whipped puppet Kasey. He is such a tool.