Vienna Girardi Nose Job Photo: First Look!

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Vienna Girardi goes up against ex Jake Pavelka on the season premiere of Bachelor Pad next week. But this won't be the same old Vienna Girardi, folks.

Oh, she'll still be an attention-starved whack job. But she'll look a bit different, as Girardi says in the latest issue of Us Weekly, which features her first post-nose job photo.

"I always felt like I had this little face with, like, a Mr. Potato Head nose!" Vienna says. "In school, they called me Pinocchio. After The Bachelor, bloggers called me 'horse face.' Evil names. I even went blonde because my dark hair made my nose look bigger!"

Vienna Girardi Nose Job Pic

Vienna says the procedure was painful, but worthwhile. Do you like the new look? Which Vienna Girardi do you prefer?


@ Belinda Hammack Bailey- Her Nose is DEF shorter than it was, in the old picture she had like a beak nose, in the bew one is it shorter and it is a noticable difference, i think you need your eyes checked...... I think he slooks better And what is it with stupid spammers.. you cannot get an ipad for under 23$ let alone for under 200$


So much better...I was not that crazy about her old look, she looks totally different, really awesome & pretty. Makes me want to try that :)


Sorry, but she looks the same. Waste of money for that surgery.


Not bad but her eyes look odd in the new picture, like someone just smacked her silly.


I like it

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