Vienna Girardi Nose Job Photo: First Look!

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Vienna Girardi goes up against ex Jake Pavelka on the season premiere of Bachelor Pad next week. But this won't be the same old Vienna Girardi, folks.

Oh, she'll still be an attention-starved whack job. But she'll look a bit different, as Girardi says in the latest issue of Us Weekly, which features her first post-nose job photo.

"I always felt like I had this little face with, like, a Mr. Potato Head nose!" Vienna says. "In school, they called me Pinocchio. After The Bachelor, bloggers called me 'horse face.' Evil names. I even went blonde because my dark hair made my nose look bigger!"

Vienna Girardi Nose Job Pic

Vienna says the procedure was painful, but worthwhile. Do you like the new look? Which Vienna Girardi do you prefer?


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No, Vienna's nose on Bachelor Pad is the old nose. Her surgery was done a few weeks ago,in late July, and the Pad was filmed in June. After Pad filmed, Erica Rose-- Bachleor Pad-mate helped Vienna get the apt. with her famous father, Franklin A. Rose. Vienna will look prettier each day. It takes one year, for all nose swellings to go away. The US Weekly story was taken just a few weeks after surgery, no bruises left! Great doctor!


she still looks fucked up either way.


Viennas nose still has to heal. The bridge of her hose is still really swollen. I want to see what she looks like in a couple months time. Im sure the photo shoot earned her some cash and some PR for the plastic surgeon. I would like to see the end results though.


she just trying to sugar coat her face lift she had done


she had more done than just a nose job but we will play along viennia money fame horr


it looks much better


retard eyes!


I will never say getting a nose job is a good thing


Viena's face looks softer and more delicate. But there is a price for it, her former features were more distinct, defined and made her face her very own. Now, she is one of many pretty faces. The main thing is she feels better about herself, and more comfortable in her own skin-so, it is a good thing.


I thought she looked beautiful either way :) She's always been a pretty woman.