Tyra Banks on Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress: Gorgeous!!!

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You won't believe this, but Tyra Banks has managed to make Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding all about herself. Or at least one key component of it.

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    U guys should leave Tyra alone.......can't believe u are so mean and jealous


    Tyra is a double standard bitch. She had the "So What" campaign saying it's fine to have a little meat on your bones. Then she dieted and started preaching about how it's not healthy to have a little cushion. Tyra sucks!


    HM1213 why not hust shut up because you are rude.Kim's life is her business and not yours.


    Kim is the stuff love her tyra is phony so to all yall kim kardashian haters hate all u want tyra sit down do u leave kim alone thanks.


    Tyra isn't annoying...haters are. She was asked what advice shed give and answered the question appropriately. She in no way 'made it about herself.' I'm sorry I even clicked on this link. Pathetic.


    this os such a classy crowd. Buy a thesaurus ragtah i cant even spell. And what a low class trashy thing to say on any womans wedding day. Tyra is no lady.


    They need to leave Tyra alone!! Kim & Tyra are magnificant, two beautiful successful women:}


    Frankly, you cannot compare Tyra and Kim because Tyra is a suffisticated lady with immense talent why Kim is a slut.


    Tyra is not annoying. She is famous because she is a super model and has her own shows. Kim on the other hand is just a tramp who went spread eagle. I laughed when she cried and said people will only think she is good for being naked. Well yes Kim you have no talent at all besides being naked. Stop giving her media coverage and she will go away.


    U are the only 1 annoying.she is just advising a friend.piss off and dont watch her show.kim is famos 4 bng famos.tyra is hardworking.

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